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Advanced Treatment Operations: Unlocking Value at Every Step

Advanced Treatment Operations: Unlocking Value at Every Step

Don’t just sweat your assets; sweat your data

Hach and Aquatic informatics have partnered to unlock more for water professionals and provide you more value at every step on your rounds.

From pumps to mixers and filters, you have the capacity to do more by leveraging the information you’re already collecting on sensors, bench sheets, SCADA, LIMS, and more. That data is one of the best assets your team has; used correctly, you can uncover opportunities for optimizing chemical dosage, maintenance, remote operations, and energy consumption.

Drinking water and wastewater treatment doesn’t need to be an art— use software to leverage data and analytics to make it an exact science. With digital solutions you can extract critical insights your team needs for reducing liability and maximizing efficiency.

Drawing on real-life successes of industry peer Western Berks Water Authority, Aquatic Informatics’ Bryan Sharpnack and Hach’s David Rutowski will showcase how centralizing your plant’s insights is critical in improving the visibility, consistency, and reliability of your operations.

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  1. Ensure consistency and reliability in your plant’s critical processes such as coagulation, pump run-time, and chemical feed by digitizing data at the source to make informed, real-time decisions. 
  2. Surface trends and insights by integrating infrastructure, dosing, SCADA, and LIMS into a single centralized database 
  3. Uncover opportunities for efficiency at every step of your daily processes

Tune in for our joint webinar with Hach and discover how to translate the data you’re already collecting into accessible, actionable insights and better decision-making. 

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Bryan Sharpnack Final Headshot

Bryan Sharpnack
Senior Technical Account Manager
Aquatic Informatics

David R From Hach

David Rutowski
Process Optimization Advisor