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Sample Management Made Easy.

AQUARIUS Samples streamlines the production and management of environmental lab and field sample data, saving time while increasing the quality of final data. All your discrete water, air, soil, biological, and tissue data are securely stored and validated online for rapid analysis and visualization – so you can make better decisions anytime, anywhere.

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Get Centralized Access to Your Sample Data Online

AQUARIUS Samples provides a single source of truth by securely centralizing all your environmental sample data, metadata, and workflows in the cloud. Spend less time manually managing data by replacing dispersed, isolated spreadsheets or aging systems that have become hard to maintain and cumbersome to use – so you can focus on higher-level analysis. Empower all authorized users with online access to the data they need, whenever, wherever, from any device.

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Integrate All Types of Sample Data

You can combine all your water quality, groundwater, sediment, and rock samples for your routine and investigation work, including related QC samples like replicates and trip blanks. AQUARIUS Samples is also designed to manage inventory samples – where the exact result set is unknown until lab results are returned – as with algae, microbes, and macroinvertebrates. The data model even supports vertical profiles and field surveys like wildlife or bird counts, vegetation studies, or fish communities. All your information is in one system.

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Gain Insights & Find Answers in Seconds

AQUARIUS Samples speeds up data discovery, search, and analysis. All data in AQUARIUS Samples is searchable. Powerful and flexible keyword filters allow you to instantly zone in on the specific current and historical information you seek. With one click more, you can export or visualize that data in maps, charts, tables, and box plots to spot outliers, investigate trends, and make highly informed decisions.

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Track Your Field Work & Project Status Anywhere

It is now easier to record and track all sampling and field work centrally using a web browser on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Define work to be done, then monitor progress made, in the office and the field. Technicians can enter results and observations right on site, reducing transcription errors for better data accuracy while improving productivity. Templates streamline repetitive data entry, making it faster to record procedures and data collection details.

Monitor Status of Lab Reports, Requests & Results

AQUARIUS Samples contextualizes the multitude of data around your laboratory results and observations into actionable information. Track which bottles were recorded when, where and by whom, and which analysis was requested. Monitor all requested and received lab analysis work to better manage outstanding lab data and quickly see the status of your ongoing sampling projects.

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Streamline Importing & Validation of Lab Data

Spend less time reviewing lab reports and reduce data entry errors by uploading results directly into AQUARIUS Samples. Store all metadata delivered by labs including analytical methods, detection limits, and quality flags. Configurable validation rules and standards automatically highlight lab results that require your attention – saving time in the process while ensuring the highest quality data in your system.

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Track QA/QC Work for High Quality, Defensible Data

Manage and track all quality assurance and quality control work centrally for the highest confidence in your final data. An automatic audit trail captures all changes to results and metadata: know who did what, when, and where. Metadata describing how each result was collected and produced are easily accessible, facilitating collaboration while impressing stakeholders.

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Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

With AQUARIUS Samples, all your valuable environmental data are hosted on Amazon Web Services to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Configurable privileges allows only authorized users to gain access to the right data and functions. Offsite data backups and failover safety ensure data are always safe and services are restored quickly in the event of a natural disaster. Protect your data and keep it highly secure with AQUARIUS Samples.

Integrate with AQUARIUS Time-Series & Other Systems

AQUARIUS Samples is built using RESTful API’s. This allows for easy integration with other systems that either provide or require data related to your discrete sampling results. It also integrates seamlessly with the world-preferred AQUARIUS Time-Series software to synchronize your discrete samples data with your continuous time series data for greater insight. AQUARIUS Samples uses the OGC Observations and Measurements Data Model so the data your produce is highly interoperable with other systems.

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Save Time & Money with a Fully Managed Service

AQUARIUS Samples is a fully-managed software as a service (SaaS). Subscribing eliminates upfront capital outlays and IT labour costs. No software. No servers. You choose your subscription term and simply pay as you go. Aquatic Informatics deploys, upgrades, and fully maintains AQUARIUS Samples – so you can more productively manage your environmental sample data.


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