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Real-time, Reliable Collection of Water Data.

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is the most robust data acquisition software used by leading water and environmental monitoring agencies worldwide. Modernized data acquisition networks require AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to ensure real-time, reliable data collection.

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Robust, Reliable, Real-Time Environmental Data Acquisition

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is an extension framework for ClearSCADA that provides support for acquisition of data from many commonly used makes and models of environmental data loggers. EnviroSCADA may be deployed on a single server or as a cluster of up to 6 servers spread over multiple geographic locations for higher redundancy and scalability. The underlying database is automatically replicated across all servers in the cluster providing the ultimate in fault tolerance allowing for near 100% system uptime.

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Any Device & Any Communication Link

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA provides one common data acquisition system for all your data logger types including Campbell, FTS, Sutron, Vaisala, Handar, and Vedas. A variety of communications links are supported including PSTN, TCP/IP, and also satellite systems such as GOES. EnviroSCADA also supports automated parsing and ingestion of data received in files and the ability to extract data from external databases via ODBC, OLEDB, SQL or Oracle database providers. Once data has been acquired it is automatically appended to your AQUARIUS Time-Series system.

Easy Configuration and Scheduling

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA makes it simple to manage your telemetry network, regardless of whether it is a few dozen stations or many thousands. Common station configurations may be saved as templates to make it easy to setup multiple similar stations consistently. Setting up a new station can be as simple as just choosing a station template and setting the station name, location identifier and the TCP/IP address. Scheduling of station polling in EnviroSCADA is very flexible allowing for multiple schedules being defined and for stations to be associated with several schedules. Schedule timing options include simple fixed interval schedules and also daily schedules having multiple specific times nominated.

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Standards-Based Data Acquisition

ClearSCADA is the most powerful, secure, and flexible platform used for environmental monitoring and critical industrial applications like petrochemical production, wind energy, and utilities monitoring. This industrial strength SCADA solution is built on a solid foundation of modern open architecture and published standards , ensuring verifiable data, 100% system uptime, and a future-proof investment.

Failover Mechanism, Replication & Seamless Integration

Failover pairing with other AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA servers in remote geographic locations provides redundancy, guaranteeing the undisrupted acquisition of real-time remote environmental data. AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA instantaneously forwards data received from any source to the AQUARIUS Time-Series.

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