AQUARIUS Time-Series

Superior Scalability & Security

AQUARIUS Time-Series is a powerful enterprise management platform optimized for secure data access and processing. Its architecture is scalable from one user to a national team managing thousands of stations. Centralized data storage allows for redundant performance or hot failover backup clusters for optimal security.

Choose a Scalable Standards-Based Architecture

The AQUARIUS Time-Series is a fully scalable, modern enterprise platform. It can be deployed on a national level, managing thousands of stations and users, or to a single user faced with managing a few real-time stations. Supported scripting languages (C# and VB.NET) are standard .NET languages, eliminating the need to learn proprietary languages. All external interfaces to the system are easily accessed via SOAP and REST web services.

Centralize & Optimize Your Database Storage

AQUARIUS Time-Series stores all your data in a single central database optimized to handle the high traffic demands of continuous monitoring programs. Huge time series can be appended and queried hundreds of times faster than from conventional relational database storage systems. Concurrency and data version control ensure that users working on data are accessing the latest data and cannot overwrite each other’s changes. Data are stored in either an Oracle or MS SQL database in a straightforward schema designed with readability in mind. Access to data is via a set of comprehensive and well-documented SOAP and REST web service APIs.

Control Access & Keep Your Data Secure

AQUARIUS Time-Series gives organizations full control over data and system access.  The configurable access control module allows for both simple and highly complex security models. Administrators determine which users can edit data at certain approval levels. Users can be assigned to specific locations. Functional-level access control can also restrict access to administration controls. MS Windows Domain Authentication can be used for additional convenience – the single sign-on is matched to your corporate security standards for password reuse and strength.

Control Workflows & Approvals

AQUARIUS Time-Series tracks data through the production process. You can configure precise workflow controls over data as they move through the production system, from unchecked telemetry, to automated quality control, into user editing and correction, and on to peer review and final approval. AQUARIUS Time-Series features a unique concept called Approval Levels that are applied to indicate the level of processing and review data has received. Certain users are only able to edit data at certain approval levels based on user roles and data access privileges. Likewise, approvals control when data is published. Final data can be published in real-time, while data in manual workup can remain hidden. This workflow can be easily scaled up or down for large or small organizations as required.