AQUARIUS Time-Series

Powerful Reporting & Publishing

A simple click turns raw water data into publication-ready reports. Run reports as needed or on a schedule to meet the water information requirements of your stakeholders. Integrate AQUARIUS Time-Series with data analytics packages, internal systems, web pages, and business intelligence tools.

Generate Reports in Seconds

Turn raw data into actionable information in seconds to better manage your precious water resource. Print-ready reports are a key deliverable for ongoing operations and regulatory compliance requirements. AQUARIUS Time-Series allows you to quickly generate reports from a large list of industry templates. Reports can also be populated with machine-readable data and retrieved programmatically through the AQUARIUS Web Service APIs.

Publish Your Quality Data to the Web in Real-Time

AQUARIUS Time-Series integrated seamlessly with the optional AQUARIUS WebPortal, empowering your organization to publish high quality environmental data in real-time to the web in a comprehensive, virtual earth-map user environment. An event-driven computation engine ensures that all data are kept up to date whenever new data is appended, rating curves are edited, or time series are corrected. If your organization already has a public data portal website, the AQUARIUS Server can be used as a data source for real-time data dissemination through its web service (REST) – your organization can reuse its existing website front end code with the new real-time data from the AQUARIUS Server.