AQUARIUS Time-Series

Real-Time Quality Control & Assurance

By automating quality assurance and quality control activities, you can produce real-time data that end-users can trust, while freeing up time for higher value analysis. Real-time email warnings of unusual events support timely action.

Edit & Correct Time Series

Records from remote environmental monitoring stations usually contain some anomalous or erroneous data, like sensor drifts. To ensure the highest quality of published data these anomalous records need to be quality controlled. AQUARIUS Time-Series provides an easy to use and rigorous graphical data correction and editing environment. Spike removals, drift adjustments, and pro-rated percent corrections are just a few of the many data correction tools available. The powerful audit log automatically tracks all changes.

Automatically Correct for Sensor Drift & Fouling

Intelligent quality control logic allows AQUARIUS Time-Series to review your field visit data and suggest appropriate corrections to correct for sensor fouling and calibration drifts. Customizable policies enable single-click application of complex corrections to ensure that the best possible water data are maintained!

Automate Quality Assurance & Controls in Real-Time

Automate quality assurance and quality control activities to optimize the quality of your real-time data. AQUARIUS Time-Series can automagically remove spikes that are not physically possible through parameter and unit-specific sanity checks. Automate on-going corrections to remove values that might be physically possible, but are nonsensical for the specific monitoring location. On-going corrections obey the same rules as all other data edits in AQUARIUS Time-Series: they are logged, audited, and can be reversed at any time. Watch the Water Survey of Canada Webinar to learn 7 ways you can quality control your water data in real-time.