AQUARIUS Time-Series

Flexible Data Importing & Integration

Centralize vast amounts of water data with AQUARIUS Time-Series. Flexible import options enable you to easily enter field measurements, upload data logger files, automate imports, and integrate AQUARIUS Time-Series with external sources.

Centrally Manage Your Monitoring Network Locations

The central concept in AQUARIUS Time-Series is a monitoring location. A location houses time series datasets, rating models, field visits, and other data as needed. Location information includes geospatial coordinate and datum details, agency id numbers, user access rights, and attachments of files and images. Using the AQUARIUS Data Connector, location information and other data such as field visits and time series can be synchronized from an external system, if that is where they are stored and managed. Location information can also be extended as needed, adding items like phone numbers, drainage areas, or funding status.

Integrate with Data Acquisition Systems

There are many options for integrating AQUARIUS Time-Series with data acquisition systems. It can be deployed with many off-the-shelf telemetry systems such as Campbell Loggernet, YSI Econet, Unidata NEON, and the Sutron DCSToolkit. AQUARIUS Time-Series also works seamlessly with AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA, the most robust data acquisition software used by leading water and environmental monitoring agencies worldwide. Alternatively, you can integrate AQUARIUS Time-Series with a data acquisition system through the use of a comprehensive web services API.

Import Data Logger Files Quickly & Automatically

AQUARIUS Time-Series allows you to quickly upload or append data from different data logger file formats (including Sutron, PDAS, Vedas, YSI, Text, and CSV). No matter how your data is delimited or formatted, AQUARIUS Time-Series can sort through the file and ingest your data. AQUARIUS Time-Series simplifies data imports by monitoring for any new data logger files. When new data logger files arrive, AQUARIUS Time-Series automatically parses the file and appends the data to the correct time series.

Import Hydrometric Gauging Measurements

AQUARIUS Time-Series provides a powerful tool for ingesting hydrometric measurement data. You can easily import, visualize, and edit discrete hydrometric field data (such as benchmark level surveys, gauge height readings, area-velocity, and ADCP stream flow measurements). It supports direct import from common field computer formats including AquaCalc, Flowtracker, ADCP WinRiverII, Water Survey Canada HFC, and USGS HydroML. Data can also be hand entered from field forms as needed.