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Efficient, Accurate & Defensible Water Data.

AQUARIUS Time-Series is the most powerful platform for managing water resources. Environmental data from multiple sources are securely stored for fast, central access. Its simple design delivers the latest science and techniques in an intuitive interface. Water managers can easily correct and quality control data, build better rating curves, derive statistics, and report in real-time to meet stakeholder expectations for timely, accurate water information.

The US Geological Survey chose AQUARIUS Time-Series for use by 3,000 employees of the Water Resources Division to more efficiently manage water time series data nationally. By moving to the most modern commercial environmental time series data management platform, the USGS will increase data consistency, comparability, and reliability.
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Work Efficiently with a Powerful Platform

Water data are diverse and complex. AQUARIUS Time-Series streamlines the management of continuous water data with powerful data processing tools. The platform is incredibly flexible for designing complex scenarios that match your requirements. Essential for real-time data production, AQUARIUS is an intelligent enterprise data management solution optimized for automated data storage, processing, and workflows. A modern web-browser interface delivers an intuitive experience that puts users at ease, while industry leading tools help with complex tasks like rating curve creation and data corrections.

Centralize All Your Environmental Data

Environmental data comes from many sources and in many forms. AQUARIUS Time-Series allows you to centralize vast amounts of hydrologic time series data, discrete measurement data, and complex river gauging measurements from various locations. It makes it easy to integrate, import, and enter data quickly, so you can effectively manage all your environmental information on one platform.

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Deliver the Best Possible Quality Data

Data consumers want real-time data they can trust. AQUARIUS Time-Series has a unique portfolio of features for real-time sanity checking, error detection, data cleaning, data flagging, automatic bias corrections, and rating shift management. Automated procedures eliminate the majority of tedious manual data workup processes. Timely alerts inform stakeholders of any unusual events or station health issues.

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Defend Your Data Easily

Defensible data and work records are vital to ensuring you have the best possible data. AQUARIUS Time-Series automatically builds a data processing, correction, and editing log, providing the transparency you need to defend your data. The audit log tracks all corrections, quality codes, and notes for time series data. You can review a log to quickly find who performed what, when, and why. Data corrections can be undone at any time, allowing you to see the values affected.

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Build the Best Rating Curves

Building rating curves can be a complex task. A single rating for your channel contains ratings, shifts, blends, and periods of applicability that describe a channel as it changes over time. The AQUARIUS rating development tool is the gold standard to support the latest global standards set by the USGS, ISO, WMO, and OGC. It is used by national agencies like the USGS to efficiently develop accurate and legally defensible ratings and to ensure the highest confidence in their calculations of flow.

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Calculate & Visualize Derived Data in Real-Time

Calculated data is essential for getting the most information from your monitoring network. A powerful set of processing tools automate workflows and streamline data production. AQUARIUS Time-Series can mix data input sources, build sophisticated multi-input models, run rating curves, calculate daily aggregates, and fill gaps in your data. All derived data are calculated in real-time and available to publish within seconds after raw data are detected in the field.

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Publish Data in Real-Time

Today’s stakeholders demand timely data. AQUARIUS Time-Series allows you to publish your data based on an extensive list of industry standard report templates. Reports can be run ad-hoc or on a schedule. Streamline regulatory reporting and deliver the information needed to better manage precious water resources. Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

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Protect Your Investment

Investments in modern software should pay back dividends for years to come. A modern architecture makes AQUARIUS Time-Series scalable from a single user to a national team managing thousands of stations. Simply add users and integrate new data sources as your monitoring program grows. User access privileges and server failover systems keep your data secure and safe. Water monitoring records can be over 100 years long – you can rely on AQUARIUS Time-Series to protects your data.

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Rely on Aquatic Informatics for World-Class Services & Support

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Our dedicated experts help you unlock the power of AQUARIUS Time-Series. Aquatic Informatics can help migrating legacy data, integrate AQUARIUS with your existing systems, and drive adoption with training resources. Comprehensive deployment, training, and support resources guarantee a smooth transition to modern water data management best practices. Aquatic Informatics customer service is renowned for helping with issues and questions as they arise.

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