“We may be citizens of a community, and a state, and a country, but we are also citizens of a basin”. The Colorado River basin isn’t what it used to be. We take water in Wyoming and move it to Cheyenne. We move it across the Continental Divide, from the West Slope to the Front Range, into the Kansas-Nebraska basin. We move it across the Utah dessert to the Wasatch Front, to Salt Lake, Provo, Orem, and all those agricultural districts. In New Mexico, we move it to Albuquerque, which straddles the Rio Grande. In Arizona, we move it across three hundred and sixty miles of desert, to Phoenix and Tucson and still more agricultural districts. And in California we move it over hundreds of miles of aqueduct, from Lake Havasu to the coastal cities. How sustainable can any water management scheme be when disperse citizenship means that authority, responsibility and accountability of water are as fragmented as the basin is.


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