We have abundant, disparate data but huge information gaps across all scales. This R Package is an example of how data from disparate sources (differing in spatial coverage, extent, time, and quality) can be effectively knitted together to create snow cover maps. As we move into the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), we need to be aware of the change in data availability and how this newly discovered data can be used to address deficiencies in conventional monitoring data (e.g. satellite observations). There is enormous opportunity, but these new opportunities have a large potential for publication of compelling disinformation. It will take all of the expertise of the monitoring community to watch these developments to ensure that the truth about the phenomena of interest prevails over the technological imperative. In principle, the results of data integration should produce better information. The danger is that if all of the data is consumed, there is none left for independent validation and verification of the produced information. Lots to think about.


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