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Big Water Data Collected by the U.S. Geological Survey Is Now Managed in AQUARIUS Time-Series Across 25 States

The USGS has now successfully deployed the AQUARIUS Time-Series platform in half of the 50 states.

Vancouver, Canada, May 4, 2017Aquatic Informatics Inc., a global leader in providing innovative software solutions for water data management and analysis, is announcing that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), North America's premier Earth science agency, has today officially deployed AQUARIUS Time-Series in 25 of 50 states. The nationwide rollout program is now 50 percent successfully completed and on schedule to finalize by mid-year.

The USGS investigates the occurrence, quantity, quality, distribution, and movement of surface and underground waters and disseminates the data to the public, State and local governments, public and private utilities, and other Federal agencies involved with managing our water resources.” – USGS

The USGS manages more active real-time gaging sites than any other organization in the Americas – with 16,500 stream, groundwater, and meteorological sites. The agency collects water data on a very big scale and requires a highly powerful water data management platform to turn massive volumes of continuous water data into timely, accurate, defensible information. It selected AQUARIUS Time-Series.

“The USGS has now migrated over 150 years of historical data into AQUARIUS Time-Series. Within months, over 50,000 measurement locations, 16,500 active gaging sites, and 3 million time series nationwide will be managed in one centralized system. These time series represent over 100 billion data points. That is Big Water Data,” said AJ Leitch, VP of Customer Success at Aquatic Informatics. “AQUARIUS Time-Series is already live in 25 states – it is one of the most important tools in use today by the world’s leading water monitoring organizations to produce the highest quality data efficiently and accurately.

“By mid-year, the AQUARIUS platform will add and process over 500,000 data points per hour and publish them to the National Water Information System (NWIS) for public access within 1 minute of transmission. AQUARIUS Time-Series is today’s most scalable water data management platform, designed to meet the needs of environmental monitoring organizations of all sizes, from small cities to the world’s largest agencies.”

AQUARIUS is the world’s preferred software platform to acquire, process, model, and publish water data. Over 500 organizations in over 50 countries trust AQUARIUS. The highly scalable AQUARIUS platform is a suite of interoperable applications to manage environmental samples, correct and analyze time series data into actionable information, and publish data for an interactive web experience. Simplified data management, analysis, and information sharing enable better decisions for the equitable use, sustainable management, and protection of the planet’s precious water resources. Water professionals looking to better manage growing volumes of water quality or quantity monitoring data are invited to watch the 3-minute AQUARIUS video.

About the U.S. Geological Survey

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides science for a changing world. A bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior, the USGS is a science organization that provides impartial information on the health of our ecosystems and environment, the natural hazards that threaten us, the natural resources we rely on, the impacts of climate and land-use change, and the core science systems that help us provide timely, relevant, and useable information.

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About Aquatic Informatics Inc.

Aquatic Informatics™ provides software solutions that address critical water data management and analysis challenges for the rapidly growing environmental monitoring industry. Aquatic Informatics is focused on providing solutions to a range of different customer groups including federal, state/provincial, and local government departments, hydropower operators, mining companies, academic groups, and consulting organizations who collect, manage, and process large volumes of water quality or quantity data.

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