Semaphore Solutions Becomes an AQUARIUS Certified Integrator Partner

Aquatic Informatics is pleased to welcome Semaphore as a strategic North American partner for customers requiring customized AQUARIUS software to solve their water resource challenges.

Vancouver, Canada, June 30, 2015 – Aquatic Informatics Inc., a global leader in providing innovative software for hydrologic data management and analysis, announced that Semaphore Solutions has successfully been awarded the AQUARIUS Certified Integrator status. Semaphore Solutions is a custom software house specializing in complex software development and modernization.

AQUARIUS is the world’s leading software suite to acquire, process, model, and publish water data. When environmental monitoring organizations need to migrate to, customize, or integrate AQUARIUS Time-Series to build a solution that meets their unique needs, they can now to turn to Semaphore. Enterprises often have unique data requirements, workflows, and complex existing IT infrastructure consisting of many separate systems. Semaphore Solutions can help customers migrate data from legacy systems to AQUARIUS Time-Series and perform customizations as necessary to ensure that it is seamlessly and successfully integrated into their overall IT system and vision.

“For two years, Semaphore Solutions worked closely with the Aquatic Informatics development team. As a result Semaphore gained a deep understanding of the AQUARIUS code base and functionality,” said Stephen Cawood, Vice President of Client Services at Aquatic Informatics. “This understanding, along with their strong capability and experience customizing and integrating enterprise software systems, made Semaphore a natural fit for assisting our customers. As a Certified AQUARIUS Integrator, Semaphore can help deploy the AQUARIUS Time-Series platform into environments that have unique data flows, workflows, and integration requirements.”

“We like the tight collaboration we have with Aquatic Informatics’ engineering department. And we like the power, clean user interface, and effective user experience of AQUARIUS Time-Series for managing water resources,” said Kevin Kotorynski, Chief Executive Officer at Semaphore Solutions. “AQUARIUS’ algorithmic power under the hood and effective UI enable organizations responsible for water resource management to do their work most effectively. AQUARIUS Time-Series transforms data into information, helping end users interpret raw data, correct and analyze data, model significant trends, and effectively present the results.”

To be awarded the AQUARIUS Certified Integrator status, partners must meet stringent qualifications and successfully complete the in depth training course. AQUARIUS Certified Integrators are distinctly qualified to deliver the highest-standard services and solutions to help customers succeed by leveraging the full capabilities of the AQUARIUS software suite to better manage their water data. Organizations interested in learning more about Aquatic Informatics partners are invited to visit

About Aquatic Informatics Inc.

Aquatic Informatics™ provides software solutions that address critical water data management and analysis challenges for the rapidly growing environmental monitoring industry. Aquatic Informatics is focused on providing solutions to a range of different customer groups including federal, state/provincial or local government departments, hydropower operators, mining companies, academic groups and consulting organizations, who collect, manage and process large volumes of water quality or quantity data.

About Semaphore Solutions

Semaphore Solutions is a custom software house specializing in complex software development and modernization. They apply technology to help businesses soar. When environmental monitoring organizations need to migrate to, customize or integrate AQUARIUS to build a solution that meets their unique needs, they turn to Semaphore to transform their vision into reality.

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