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Sedaru Launches Next Generation Operations Management Network Intelligence (OMNI) Platform

Sedaru OMNI Optimizes Asset Management and Improves Decision-Making for Water Utilities

SAN DIMAS, CA August 30, 2021 - Sedaru, Inc. announces the launch of the next generation Sedaru OMNI Platform, improving the flexibility, power and reach of core work order, asset management, and operations management capabilities to empower utilities in their digital transformation. Sedaru OMNI enables water and wastewater utilities to take control of their data, providing centralized access to siloed data, enabling real-time coordination of business operations, and placing key asset information at the user’s fingertips.

Sedaru’s Enterprise Work Order and Asset Management Tools Streamline Operations

As a map-centric enterprise asset management platform, Sedaru OMNI allows users to assign, schedule and track work in real-time from the field or office, on any device.  Managers can monitor system performance, scheduled, and assigned work, and see changes as they occur using custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), alarms, and proactive notifications.  Sedaru OMNI gives supervisors the ability to analyze asset performance, field crew productivity, and to spot meaningful trends and receive prescriptive recommendations.  For compliance and reporting, Sedaru OMNI quickly provides asset and work history access, collected by field staff, external business systems, and IOT sensors, and can export the critical data to automate compliance reporting requirements through both standard and custom reports.   

The next generation of Sedaru OMNI delivers an advanced, operational digital twin, providing access to the data and information utilities need to make intelligent informed decisions.  Efficiency in every day workflows improves customer service, decreases truck rolls, simplifies compliance and reporting, and provides predictive insights that shape future plans and optimize utility operations.  Sedaru OMNI takes this further as the first automation-ready asset and operations management system that runs the utility of today while driving the automated enterprise of tomorrow.

Effortless Self-Configuration Empowers Users Across the Utility

Sedaru OMNI’s self-configuration capabilities are powerful enough to provide meaningful insights and simple enough to be fully utilized by any user, driving a customized user experience that consolidates, analyzes, displays, and shares data. Customizable tabs allow managers and users to build out domain or workflow-specific views that can be shared with other users, across departments, or within specific teams.  Flexible tab layouts provide numerous options for data visualization, including maps, metric tiles, trend charts, and table view.

Contra Costa Water District, one of the largest water utilities in Northern California, has been using the Sedaru OMNI platform across their organization for the last year to create, schedule, dispatch, and track work orders, as well as manage their vertical and horizontal assets.  According to Jason Todd, CMMS Business Lead for Contra Costa Water District, “The Sedaru product suite is by far the easiest and most flexible CMMS I have used or administered in my 25 years of maintenance and asset management.”

About Sedaru

Sedaru is a leading provider of work order and asset management software, empowering digital transformation for water and wastewater utilities, with a goal of utility automation.  Sedaru’s modern suite of products provides utilities with access to real-time information, monitors asset performance, improves control of business operations, and drives efficiency and impactful decision making. By creating, automating, and consolidating one workflow, one sensor, one system at a time, Sedaru delivers the unification of data, systems, and people across the water utility enterprise. For more information visit

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