Aquatic Informatics Announces the Award of a New Patent

Vancouver, Canada, February 11, 2011 – Aquatic Informatics, a global leader in providing innovative software solutions for environmental water management and water analysis, is pleased to announce the successful grant of a new patent entitled “System and Method for Hydrological Analysis.” This innovative patent illustrates the unique approach that AQUARIUS Time-Series Software utilizes in delivering an effective, easy to use interface that saves time and improves data integrity for water industry professionals.

“This patent is further evidence that the innovative AQUARIUS Whiteboard sets the standard in our industry for hydrologic workflow management, combining simple user interfaces with powerful data management tools,” says Ed Quilty, CEO of Aquatic Informatics, “One of our key goals was to build a pioneering platform that saves our customers time and makes their job easier. The AQUARIUS Whiteboard has done this and it’s rewarding to see that our approach has been recognized again as being distinctive and important.”

AQUARIUS is the choice of the US Geological Survey’s Office of Surface Water, Water Survey of Canada, and many state, provincial, county and municipal authorities. Helping agencies across the globe meet the highest standards and requirements for water data management; AQUARIUS gives water industry professionals the necessary tools to work more efficiently and effectively with large volumes of data – namely the near real-time data generated by rapidly evolving and expanding networks of automated water quality and quantity sensors.

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