Aquatic Informatics Announces AQUARIUS™ Release 2.7

Vancouver, Canada, November 4, 2010 – Aquatic Informatics Inc. released the latest version of their acclaimed hydrologic software product, AQUARIUS. Helping federal, state, provincial and municipal governments across the globe meet their standards for monitoring data; AQUARIUS hydrologic software gives water industry professionals the necessary tools to work more efficiently and effectively with large volumes of data – namely frequently sampled data which accumulates over time. The latest release was built on the objective of enhancing the current applications and providing new functionalities to better encompass a broader spectrum of the data activities and tasks of water technicians.

AQUARIUS 2.7 is an exciting new step for the organization as it hosts a set of new applications and capabilities that will serve as a transitionary foundation for the AQUARIUS 3.0 Enterprise solution, which is set to be released in 2011. A customized version of this solution is being implemented across Canada to manage, analyze and store data from the Water Survey of Canada’s national water monitoring network.

Some of the new functionalities that headline the release, such as the new Reporting Engine, gives users data publication capabilities so that data analyses, manipulations and reporting can be completed in one continuous workflow. “The evolution of the AQUARIUS product is really about giving users a streamlined working environment,” suggest Boudewijn Neijens, one of the initial product visionaries for the release. “As we continue to engage with hydrologists, field technicians, researchers and all these people who are associated with monitoring data, there has been a strong message about the importance of data continuation, especially when the amount and types of data you are working with are substantial.”

The AQUARIUS product release also improves on features such as Data Corrections which now includes more intuitive correction types including re-sampling, clock-drift, copy and paste, and recession curve. Updates now make it possible to set approval levels for data, do quality assessments on data sets, set data identifiers, apply standard and legalized units, parameters, interpolation types and time zones; cumulatively providing a more streamlined user experience and a faster completion of activities from the point at which data is collected to the final production of that data as a report.

Ed Quilty, CEO of Aquatic Informatics, sees the product release as an axiom point in the organization’s developmental objectives for AQUARIUS as an environmental data monitoring solution. “Our main mission has always been to empower the caretakers of global water and climate data, and more than with any other release, we put our ears to the ground and really engaged in dialogue with our user base to learn what AQUARIUS was missing and what we could improve upon on. 2.7 was a challenge for us, and hopefully it is a testament to our users that we are listening.”

AQUARIUS 2.7 is available for immediate shipment. For more information, please visit or call +1.604.873.AQUA (2782)

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