Powerful Upgrade Is Another Evolutionary Leap in the AQUARIUS Software Platform

Vancouver, Canada, April 25, 2008 – Aquatic Informatics™ is excited to announce AQUARIUS Time Series™ Release 2.3 and the new AQUARIUS Database™ product suite.

AQUARIUS Time-Series is a popular, comprehensive software package that significantly reduces the time required to organize, visualize, validate, correct, and report on hydrometric and water quality data. The new 2.3 release brings significant improvements including a completely revised Data Import toolbox, new Reporting and Statistical tools, and flexible visualization of Vertical Profiling data. The new AQUARIUS Database product suite is ideal for hydrologists and environmental scientists collecting and managing large amounts of time series data. The AQUARIUS Database Designer™ allows users to deploy their own, highly optimized database structure into industry standard relational database management systems such as Microsoft® SQL Server™, Microsoft® SQL Express™, or Oracle®. The AQUARIUS-deployed database compresses and efficiently stores all metadata associated with time series such as data flagging and grading entries, corrections, audit trails, discrete grab sample data, text files and even images. Dedicated toolboxes then allow users to access their data instantly and seamlessly from within any version of AQUARIUS Time Series software. AQUARIUS Time Series Release 2.3 and the new AQUARIUS Database™ product suite are available for immediate shipment. For more information, please visit www.aquaticinformatics.com or call +1.604.873.AQUA (2782).

About Aquatic Informatics

Aquatic Informatics provides unique productivity software solutions for the rapidly growing water monitoring industry. Aquatic Informatics is primarily focused on providing solutions to federal, state/provincial or local government departments, as well as academic groups and consultants, who collect and analyze large volumes of water quality or quantity data. AI’s research and development team has developed and embedded advanced technology into an easy-to-use software application that is proven to deliver a greater than 15 to 20 fold improvement in data management efficiency and a substantial increase in data reliability.

Forward Looking Statements

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