2015 AQUARIUS Impact Award Winners – An Earth Day Spotlight on Water Data Management Leaders

Aquatic Informatics congratulates the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office and the El Salvador Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources for their leadership and dedication to modern water data management best practices.

Vancouver, Canada, April 22, 2015 – Aquatic Informatics Inc., a global leader in providing innovative software for water data management and analysis, shines the spotlight on the winners of the inaugural AQUARIUS Impact Awards on Earth Day 2015. This new awards program is designed to celebrate the outstanding work AQUARIUS customers do every day in managing and protecting the world’s most precious resource – water!

A long-standing AQUARIUS customer, the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office was awarded the North American AQUARIUS Impact Award. “Since purchasing AQUARIUS software in 2008 for our agency, we have dramatically increased the accuracy and quality of our stream gaging network state-wide,” said Loren Smith, Superintendent in Water Division III with the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office.

“By also employing the web portal to serve up near real time data to our field staff as well as the public, fact-based decisions can be made on the fly with confidence. With over 400 gaging sites collecting data in all corners of Wyoming the time savings in records reduction has been well worth the investment. Field staff must reduce the collected data to publishable form and by employing the AQUARIUS software we have realized about a 50% time savings across the board, freeing up valuable limited staff time for other important work. All records are collected and reduced to USGS standards now, which has also contributed to a much more reliable data set to work with.”

A new customer since 2012, the El Salvador Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources enthusiastically received the International AQUARIUS Impact Award. “Outstanding! A word that explains how our office has excelled in providing data to our users. For us, AQUARIUS Time-Series is more than software, it is a complex platform that makes our daily operations easier and more efficient,” shared Roberto Cerón, Hydrologist at the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (MARN), El Salvador.

“Before, we used to process water data using basic spreadsheets. Three people were permanently assigned to do this job and for only 14 stations. Today, we use AQUARIUS Time-Series to manage data from more than 100 stations in real-time, not only for stream flow data, but also for soil moisture, temperature, solar radiation, precipitation, and ten more meteorological parameters. Only two technicians are doing this job and we have time to do more in the office and in the field!”

Aquatic Informatics President and CEO Ed Quilty congratulates our winners on the most important day of the year for the environmental movement: Earth Day. “The global water cycle is facing increased stress from rapid population growth, climate change, pollution, and growing competing demands for water to support urbanization, industry, energy, food, sanitation, and safe drinking supply. The AQUARIUS Impact Awards was launched this year to celebrate the dedicated work and impact of water professionals – including our own AQUARIUS customers – who are passionately caring for the local hydrological ecosystems that make up the global water cycle,” said Ed Quilty. “I would like to both thank and congratulate Loren Smith and Roberto Cerón for their achievements and application of innovation to produce the hydrological information needed to secure a better water future.”

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