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Upgrade from Spreadsheets & Manual Processes with Affordable Cloud-Software

Rio helps water and wastewater professionals discover greater efficiencies and cost-savings with software that makes operations and compliance easier.
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Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Enable remote access and data collection with on-premise or cloud-based solutions for real-time visibility.

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Achieve a Complete Picture

Combine data from SCADA, the field, LIMS, or other sources into a central and secure location for insights into your drinking water or wastewater system.

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Simplify Compliance Reporting

Built-in industry-specific formulas, EPA and state report templates, and automated data collection can shrink reporting time by up to 98%.

One Program, One Secure Platform

Designed in partnership with Hach, Rio is a cloud-based solution solution purpose built for water and wastewater facilities. Unify your operations with a central hub for data collection, storage and organization for streamlined analysis, calculations, and reporting.
Experience the latest software solution developed in partnership with Hach.
Unlock the power of your data from SCADA, GIS, IoT, LIMS, spreadsheets, benchsheets, and any other data source to optimize chemical dosing, maintenance and operations, processes, and – most of all – your team’s time.


Discover the benefits:

  1. Easy & accurate compliance reporting
  2. Streamlined facility operations
  3. Unlock greater ROI from your Hach sensors
  4. Empower remote field work


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The charts and graphs are easy-to-use and make it possible to communicate important data quickly to management, resulting in better understanding of our operations and improved decision-making.

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Yvonne E. Tucker, Chief WWTP Operator, Village of Penn Yan
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Automate Processes

Increase efficiencies and reduce manual tasks with streamlined operations, proactive alerts, automated sampling events, and data validation to avoid mistakes.

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Improve Decision Making

Customizable dashboards visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) to be displayed in gauges, graphs, and charts, providing status info at-a-glance.

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Save Time & Money

Streamlined operations and greater visibility into chemical inventory and consumption can generate cost reductions across your system.

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Get more from your Hach Sensors & from Hach WIMS by leveraging mobile field data collection for greater efficiency, visibility into your facility, and empowered remote field work.