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Outlook – Environmental Industry to Continue to Outpace US GDP 2:1

Last week I attended the Environmental Industry Summit XIV in San Diego, California where Grant Ferrier, President and CEO of Environmental Business International Inc., presented EBI’s annual overview of market performance, segment trends and an outlook for 2016 and beyond. The Summit is a great event that brings together industry leaders to network and discuss opportunities for all of us working in the environmental space. The results for 2015 and the outlook for 2016 are very exciting.

The nearly $4 trillion US environmental market is expected to again outpace the growth rate of rest of economy by 2:1.

This growth will be driven by construction activity as well as state and local infrastructure spending – both requiring environmental work and monitoring.

Our own environmental information market segment is expected to grow by nearly 10% in 2016 – outpacing growth rates of even China and India.

The top five strongest growth applications in the environmental information market are 1) compliance, 2) resource management, 3) data integration, 4) enterprise-wide applications, and 5) water – all key areas of focus for us at Aquatic Informatics.

I was also pleased to be there this year to personally accept our third consecutive EBJ Business Award. I would like to thank Grant as well as our 500+ customers for this award, because our success at Aquatic Informatics begins and ends with their success. This award recognized our outstanding sales growth of over 220% for AQUARIUS WebPortal – which is the most powerful business intelligence solution for sharing online analytics and rich visualization of environmental data – as well for launching new innovative SaaS solutions to empower environmental monitoring industry to garner greater insights from their data in the cloud.

Grant Ferrier commented that “with its new integrated SaaS offering for managing and analyzing water quality and quantity data, we believe Aquatic Informatics is well positioned to be at the forefront of current trends in water data collection, management, and use.”

The event was also a unique opportunity to share insights with key executives from the largest environmental consulting and engineering (C&E) firms. The $30 billion C&E market is expected to uptick again, with private sector spending looking to now make up 50% of revenues.

At Aquatic Informatics, we have the pleasure of working with many of the top 200 environmental C&E firms. Being among their leaders last week reminded me of a recent success story I read from one of our customers:

As a company with several projects across the country, ERM deals with a massive amount of data that is continually updated and analyzed. Using AQUARIUS has enabled us to effortlessly track and review data, ensuring we are providing the highest quality product to our clients. AQUARIUS has allowed our team members working in satellite offices throughout the country to work together remotely on projects, as well as to view micro and macro trends in regional analysis. We have been AQUARIUS users since 2009 and have been very happy with the ease of use, the accuracy of results, and the reliability of the system.”

– Michael Soloducha, Hydrology Discipline Coordinator, ERM

On World Water Day next Tuesday (March 22) we will be announcing our own 2016 AQUARIUS Impact Awards. I would like to wish the best of luck to all of our customers who applied for this annual award and it will be my pleasure to give out these awards to the world’s leading water monitoring organizations for their outstanding work in using greater insight and environmental intelligence to better manage our planet’s most precious resource, water. Stay tuned!

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