A New Standard for Environmental Data QA/QC

30-Minute Product Showcase on July 12th, 2023
11AM PT | 1PM CT | 2PM ET
NEW Hydrocorrect Showcase

Streamline & Standardize Environmental Data Quality

HydroCorrect is Aquarius’s new game-changing predictive analytics engine.

It sets the new industry standard for automated data validation that can power proactive monitoring—and management—of groundwater, flooding, and water quality.

Transform your Data Quality Assurance & Control process with automated and standardized workflows for saving time, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enforcing data standards across your organization.

HydroCorrect provides immediate recommendations on how to respond to environmental events and influence long-term decisions while ensuring the data driving these suggestions is defensible, reliable, and timely.

With our new analytics engine, you and your team can spend less time manually evaluating environmental data and more time acting on it—with confidence.

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Join this 20-minute demo to learn how you can:

  1. Maximize time and resources by eliminating mundane manual data review, cleansing, and error detection
  2. Get a 360° view of your water system status by leveraging validated, predictive data
  3. Accelerate your response to environmental events with automated trend analysis and real-time alerts

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Bryan Sharpnack

Senior Solutions Engineer

Aquatic Informatics

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Kevin Koshko

WIMS Platform Product Manager

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