Centralized water data management, auditing, powerful analytics, and reporting help streamline water regulatory compliance and support cost-effective optimal production.

Water is used to extract valuable minerals. Droughts and floods can impact mine production, increase operational costs, and cause shutdowns. Economic, regulatory, social, and environmental pressures are mounting. The use, treatment, recycling, and disposal of water are becoming a key issue. Sustainable water management requires timely and accurate water data.

Mining companies trust AQUARIUS for the efficient management of water data to optimize commercial production, minimize downtime, and streamline compliance to tightening environmental regulations.

AQUARIUS Samples Video – Discrete Metals Data in Washington, DC

In this video, we’ll show you the key workflow steps in AQUARIUS Samples. You’ll see how easy it is to find, explore and visualize specific datasets using complex filters, and gain an understanding of AQUARIUS Samples terminology and main data model.

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AQUARIUS Time-Series is the leading software for continuous water data management. Mining companies can accurately manage creek flow and water quality data to determine what withdrawals and discharges can be made under environmental impact assessment regulations. Accurate, timely water records and reporting help streamline compliance to mounting regulations around water usage and quality, while allowing mining companies to gain operational efficiencies and maximize profits.

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AQUARIUS Samples streamlines the production and management of environmental lab and field sample data for mining companies. All sample data and metadata are securely stored and validated online for rapid search, analysis, and visualization – informing better decisions anywhere and saving time. Configurable validation rules and standards automatically highlight results that require attention to ensure the highest quality data, while helping meet water management program objectives and regulatory requirements.

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Mining companies use AQUARIUS Forecast for advanced environmental modelling. From initial feasibility investigations to long-term planning, models help track and precisely predict droughts, flood hazards, and water availability to support mining operations. Environmental simulations help ensure that mining companies continue to meet discharge criteria and permissible impacts. Information leads to sustainable water strategies that reduce both environmental damage and operational costs.

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AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is the most robust environmental data acquisition software, improving data access and timeliness. Mining companies with modernized data acquisition networks can leverage AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to ensure the real-time, reliable collection of valuable water data. AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA delivers the power of standards‐ based, industrial strength SCADA technology and protocols. It provides a modern unified solution that greatly improves the management of telemetry networks.

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DeBeers Canada: Real-Time Water Data Management

DeBeers Canada uses AQUARIUS Time-Series to manage the data from its network of gaging stations near the Snap Lake diamond mine in NWT Canada. AQUARIUS has been integrated with DeBeers satellite telemetry system.

Teck: Responsible Mining with Water Data Managed in AQUARIUS Time-Series

Teck is Canada’s largest diversified resource company, committed to responsible mining. It relies on AQUARIUS Time-Series to manage data from its gaging stations near the Red Dog Zinc mine in Alaska.

Alcoa in Australia: Committed to Sustainable Water Management

Alcoa’s Australian operations represent the world’s largest integrated bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminum smelting and rolling system. Alcoa uses AQUARIUS Time-Series to manage water data in Australia.