Centralized water data management, production, auditing, and powerful analytics help optimize hydropower generation while ensuring operators meet legislated instream flow requirements.

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Water is arguably the most precious asset for hydropower producers – so it is not surprising that they go through great lengths to accurately measure water quantity and flow. Errors in hydrological data management and analysis can be costly. Spilled water is a missed opportunity for the production of green, renewable energy. Mistakes with in-stream flow calculations can lead to regulatory penalties. Today’s hydropower producers are collecting vast amounts of real-time water data. They trust Aquatic Informatics to improve the timeliness, reliability, and accuracy of their water information assets.

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Sarawak Energy: Water Data for New Hydropower Generation

Sarawak Energy is the flagship energy and utility company in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia. It plays a critical role in developing clean, renewable energy. AQUARIUS Time-Series software has been adopted to implement Hydrometric Network Development.

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AQUARIUS is a flexible water accounting platform. We can now produce the same accurate mid- and long-term forecasts, daily and automatically. With AQUARIUS, we can spend more time analyzing the results rather than preparing them. That is the best win for us.

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Stephanie Smith
Manager, Hydrology & Technical Services
BC Hydro


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