AQUARIUS WebPortal – How to Make Data Sharing Easy

Water is life. Your water data is valuable, but getting the right information to the right people in real-time can be challenging. Technology “promises” anytime, anywhere access. The new AQUARIUS WebPortal actually delivers on that promise. Attend this webinar and discover how you can automatically share your quality water data with stakeholders in the office and in the field.

Get a look inside the Brisbane City Council Floodwise program, built on AQUARIUS WebPortal. Discover how 450 city officials can respond rapidly to flash foods. Colour-coded maps allow officials to quickly zone in on critical events and drill-down to related charts and tables. Powerful alerting capabilities, via email or SMS, enable officials to take timely action to protect residents.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • Getting data from stations to stakeholders automatically
  • 3 ways to disseminate data: maps, graphs, tables
  • 3 ways to alert stakeholders: email, SMS, live reports
  • Keeping mobile stakeholders informed remotely
  • Setting access rights for secure or public data sharing
  • Real-time quality data with AQUARIUS Time-Series

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Chris Heyer Head-shot, Aquatic Informatics.

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