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How to Automate Facility Operations and Work Processes 

50-minute webinar on July 31st
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How to Automate Facility Operations and Work Processes 

From Reactive to Proactive


As a small utility challenged to do more with less, the team at Penn Yan Village’s WWTP want to focus on their work—not wasting time on chasing spreadsheets and repetitive manual data entry. 

Monitoring the treatment of Penn Yan’s wastewater from influent to effluent involves the collection of a lot of data as pollutants are removed & water quality is restored. Having their data stored across multiple spreadsheets and bench sheets made it difficult to understand, analyze, and communicate the dynamic performance of their utility.

Join Yvonne Tucker, Chief Operator at the Penn Yan WWTP, and Scott Dorner, from Aquatic Informatics, to learn about how centralized data for automated workflows, optimized operations, and faster reporting helps the utility keep wastewater flowing through the treatment process efficiently.

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  1. Why technology is critical for driving impact for the facility and community.
  2. How consolidating data empowers deeper analysis, troubleshooting, proactive maintenance, forecasting, and knowledge sharing.
  3. How to mitigate common risks like human errors, overloading, exceedances, infrastructure challenges with operational visibility

Discover how software enhanced their efforts by integrating lab, instrument, and remote field data into a single system for continuous monitoring, automated operations, and streamlined compliance. 



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The charts and graphs are easy-to-use and make it possible to communicate important data quickly to management, resulting in better understanding of our operations and improved decision-making.

Village Of Penn Yan
Yvonne E. Tucker, Chief WWTP Operator, Village of Penn Yan

Yvonne Headshot Webinar Final

Yvonne Tucker
Chief Operator

Village of Penn Yan, Wastewater Treatment Plant

Scott Dorner Final

Scott Dorner
Senior Product Owner

Aquatic Informatics