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Demystifying Cybersecurity for the Water Sector

Demystifying Cybersecurity for the Water Sector

Proactively address risks in water through better understanding.

As utilities and agencies progress through varying stages of their digital transformation, one of the most recurring priority is cybersecurity. The threat landscape facing the water sector has become increasingly complex and it has become essential to proactively put strategies and safeguards in place to address vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity attacks can significantly drain resources, tarnish reputations, and put your community at risk.

Many of the most common threats are highly preventable and unsophisticated, but security resilience requires more than IT & firewalls—it requires modern solutions and processes.

Watch our webinar re-run featuring a panel of cybersecurity and digital experts simplifying why organizations need to consider mitigation strategies, explaining the risks of poor data security practices, and how technology provides an advantage in overcoming challenges and threats.


You’ll learn:


  1. What cybersecurity is and why it needs to be prioritized 
  2. Current and emerging cybersecurity trends
  3. How to mitigate risk and empower your team to lead a culture of responsible cybersecurity   

Discover how your organization can mitigate cybersecurity threats proactively and affordably with tangible insights to better protect your water resources.

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Expert Panel:


Diane Kelly
Chief Information Security Officer

Veralto Water Platform

Eric D Headshot SMALL

Eric Dorgelo
Chief Technology Officer

Aquatic Informatics


Vickitt Lau
Director, Product Security and Cloud Operations

Aquatic Informatics