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Data Rich, Quality Poor: The Value of Accurate Water Data

Data Rich, Quality Poor: The Value of Accurate Water Data

Simplify & Standardize Environmental Data Quality

On average, water professionals spend three days every six weeks on QA/QC to ensure data quality.

With all that time-series data pouring in daily, it can feel tedious & overwhelming manually reviewing, validating, and analyzing every input.  

Fall far enough behind and there’s a risk of mounting report backlogs, indefensible historical data, and even non-compliance penalties.  

In this webinar, our product experts Erin Lim & Erik Larsen, will illustrate how to spend less time on time-series data validation & more time on high-value tasks like public engagement, proactive monitoring, and innovation. 


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  1. Reduce the effort your team spends on QA/QC and reinvest your resources towards high-priority initiatives
  2. Unlock faster analysis, event response, and more accurate data by modernizing water data management
  3. Adapt to keep up with the pace of change as data quality standards continue to evolve
Discover how municipalities, authorities, and consultants are leveraging predictive analytics to reduce data latency and time invested in quality control and achieve proactive monitoring.

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Erin Lim Headshot

Erin Lim
Program Manager – Predictive Analytics

Aquatic Informatics

Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen
Product Marketing Manager

Aquatic Informatics