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How Centralizing Data Empowers Public Insight & Scientific Analysis

How Centralizing Data Empowers Public Insight & Scientific Analysis


As scientists by trade, the team at Chesapeake Bay Lab (CBL) want to focus on their work—not wasting time sifting through data.

CBL has accumulated an enormous amount of historical data at its research pier, including some of the longest records of salinity and water temperature on the US coast. As their monitoring matured, the frequency and breadth of data collected significantly increased and presented new challenges.

Join Jeremy Testa, Associate Professor at Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Maryland, and Chris Heyer, from Aquatic Informatics, to learn about how centralizing data for faster analysis created a continuous stream of environmental intelligence to better protect the public and enhance community outreach.


You’ll learn:

  1. Why modern technology is critical for driving impacfor the organization and community.
  2. How consolidating data empowers deeper analysis, forecastingand knowledge sharing.
  3. Ways software has extended the value of their monitoring program to benefit the local agriculture and ecosystem.


Discover how software enhanced their efforts by easily visualizing contextual information and combining data sets from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for tide and weather, and the US Geological Survey’s Stream Gauging. 

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Jeremy Testa
Jeremy Testa
Digital Solutions Expert

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Chris Heyer
Chris Heyer
Senior Director of Sales

Aquatic Informatics