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A Flood of Data: Best Practices for Advanced Stormwater Insights

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A Flood of Data: Best Practices for Advanced Stormwater Insights

Focus on Analysis—Not Process

Recent technological advancements, like sensors, have enabled us to collect more data in the last few years than ever before in history.

As we continue to gather, process, and validate vast amounts of water data, we face a new challenge: How can we turn this data into actionable insights?

Join hydrology experts Michael Rosh and Tyler Bliss from Aquatic Informatics to explore the initial steps in analyzing stormwater data, learn how to utilize this data effectively, and advance your modeling to accurately predict of rainfall, runoff, and environmental events.

Discover the benefits of ensured data integrity, such as streamlined workflows, reliable forecasting, and defensible compliance and reporting.

Reflecting on the transformation of the City of Orlando’s Streets and Stormwater Division, you’ll uncover their proactively approach to stormwater management and the practical ways you can improve your program by centralizing your data.

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  1. Overcome data latency and respond faster to environmental and pollution events with real-time, actionable insights 
  2. Safeguard public safety and the health of our watersheds with proactive and centralized monitoring 
  3. Access and analyze historical data to inform forecasting, confidently meet permit conditions, and reduce liability  

Register today to discover how to leverage real-time data to ensure EPA regulatory compliance, mitigate risks such as runoff and illicit discharge, and better safeguard the health of our watersheds and communities. 

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