Modernization Toolkit for Successful Change Management

All the insights & inspiration you need to advance your journey towards modernized water data management.
Modernization Toolkit for Successful Change Management

Take Charge of Your Data Management Journey

When it comes to change management, moving through the purchase journey, persuading key stakeholders, and engaging your team shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth.

If you’re struggling to get your modernization project off the ground, or in getting your team on board after the fact, we’ve got you covered with our new Modernization Toolkit.

Whether you work as a utility supervisor, a resource manager, or an environmental scientist, this helpful bundle will supply you with all the tips & insights you need for overcoming the most common barriers to purchasing, implementing, and fully adopting a data management system.


Take a Peek at What You’ll Get:
  • eBook: This toolkit features two of our top eBooks: “5 Good Reasons to Modernize” & “4 Key Water Data Management Milestones,” with both providing tangible feedback on how to reach your modernization goals & accelerate change within your organization.
  • Case Study: Discover how the Boulder, CO utility leverages software to drive continuous improvement — making changes, piloting processes, and building on their successes.
  • Webinar Recordings: Uncover how operators are “Overcoming Workforce & Technology Challenges” and check out our exclusive, insider recording on “Innovative Procurement: 4 Stages to Getting What You Want.”
  • Whitepaper: Stuck in Excel hell? Well, no more – Our whitepaper explores the pitfalls of relying on spreadsheets to manage your data & how migrating to a software solution can help you detect, visualize, and communicate trends in your data.


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