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How 3 California Water Systems Stay Resilient

Learn how 3 water industry leaders have overcome operational and regulatory challenges by leveraging technology.
How 3 California Water Systems Stay Resilient


Uniquely pressured by a limited water supply, climate change, and evolving compliance standards, California requires innovative solutions to preserve and distribute water across the region in cost-effective and sustainable ways.

Discover how three innovative Californian organizations are using WaterTrax along with other technology to save time and help overcome challenges while creating operational efficiencies and more resilient water delivery solutions. Together with our host Tim Finegan, Director of Product at Aquatic Informatics, they explore:

  • Organizational priorities, the challenges faced, and solutions they discovered while building a better way
  • The role technology played in achieving their vision and the results they’ve observed thus far
  • How data was at the centre of their biggest opportunities

Watch this webinar to hear the stories of these innovative organizations and how they leverage technology to improve operations, maintain compliance, and make better, data-driven decisions.

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