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Practical Ways to Optimize Facility Maintenance & Process

Practical Ways to Optimize Facility Maintenance & Process

Easily manage your operations & maintenance

Utilities are well underway with digital transformations, but many are still unsure what to do with this flood of data.

How can it be organized, managed, and harnessed to predict and pre-empt daily operation decisions?

This webinar will highlight opportunities for you to optimize process, operations, and budget by harnessing digital twin applications that provide users with real-time operation intelligence.

Join Bryan Sharpnack, Treatment Plant Solutions Expert, and Kevin Koshko, Asset Management Solutions Expert, from Aquatic Informatics to discover new ways to leverage MI, SCADA, IoT, LIMS, field data collection, and real-time hydraulic modeling within digital twin applications to achieve faster insights, proactive response, and cost savings.


You’ll learn:


  1. How to leverage daily workflows and integrated data systems for proactive monitoring to quickly detect and address water loss, water quality, and maintenance. empower your team to lead a culture of responsible cybersecurity
  2. Ways to unlock efficiencies in operations and processes while maintaining best practices to save resources and time
  3. Why using mobile technology for remote work management and data collection improves reliability, increases field efficiency, and speeds up decision-making

Discover how three utilities optimized water loss, maintenance, and process by harnessing real-time data from digital twin applications and how your utility can do the same. 

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Bryan Sharpnack Final Headshot

Bryan Sharpnack
Treatment Plant Solutions Expert

Aquatic Informatics

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Kevin Koshko
Asset Management Solutions Expert

Aquatic Informatics