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Practical Ways to Get More from Aquarius

Empower efficient & proactive monitoring.
Practical Ways to Get More from Aquarius


Collecting water data is the easy part. The challenge lies in putting it to use in the most efficient way.

This webinar will help you unlock new and practical ways to leverage your water data by introducing three of the most popular applications for Aquarius Cloud and WebPortal, brought to life through the real-world stories of innovative water authorities.

Join Isabelle Chenier and Tony Ulrich from Aquatic Informatics to discover new methods for optimizing operations, proactively addressing problems, and protecting the health of ecosystems and communities.

By leveraging modern cloud solutions to maximize their water data and extend the value of their water monitoring, learn how;

  • The City of Orlando improved flood and storm response by optimizing their data intelligence for faster crisis response.
  • The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Natural Resources Department empowered field operations to become more efficient.
  • University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science uses water data intelligence to monitor the relationship between water temperature and salinity among other data points to predictively protect swimmers, windsurfers and other recreationalists.

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Your Speakers:

Isabelle Chenier
Isabelle Chenier
Aquarius Strategic Account Manager Aquatic Informatics
Tony Ulrich
Tony Ulrich
Aquarius Account Manager Aquatic Informatics