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The Vital Role of Hydrometric Data in the Okanagan

The Vital Role of Hydrometric Data in the Okanagan


The Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) is a valley-wide partnership between the three regional local governments to identify and resolve critical water issues in the Okanagan watershed. OBWB works with partner agencies to manage a high volume of time series data. To manage this data and to ensure reliability, they leverage water software to acquire, process, model and publish environmental information in real time.

Despite being a smaller organization, OBWB has become a prime example of how to turn data into actionable insights while cultivating a culture of water stewardship. Using historic and current data, stakeholders have access to knowledge that can play a role in zoning, planning for infrastructure, or helping residents choose where to build or buy a house.

Join Education Specialist Grant Wilson and Account Executive Everett Adams to discover why sharing insights from water management software Aquarius can give your data a QA/QC stamp of credibility.

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  1. Why modern technology is critical for driving impacfor OBWB and its community.
  2. How consolidating data empowers deeper analysis, forecastingand knowledge sharing.
  3. Ways software has empowered insights sharing for discovering practical ways to protect water systems & the social-ecological systems that depend on them.


Discover how software enhanced their efforts by centralizing and visualizing OBWB’s vast amount of hydrologic time series data, discrete measurement data, and complex river gauging measurements from various locations.

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Grant Gilron
Grant Gilron
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Aquatic Informatics

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