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5 New Methods for Environmental Data Quality Control

5 New Methods for Environmental Data Quality Control

Get Ahead of the Rating Curve

With the massive influx of data pouring in on a daily basis, agencies and cities, large and small, can feel overwhelmed with manually reviewing, validating, and analyzing every input.

Fall far enough behind and there’s a risk of mounting report backlogs, indefensible historical data, and even non-compliance penalties.

Having the right solution in place means agencies like yours can spend less time evaluating data and more time actioning on it.

In this webinar, speakers Brian Gouge, Senior Manager of Engineering, and Hydrology expert Michael Rosh will illustrate the vast advancements that have been made over the past decade to make time series data validation more reliable, intuitive, and immediate.


You’ll learn:


  1. 5 new ways to automate QA/QC in real-time 
  2. How to ensure compliance & defensibility with simple rules 
  3. How to monitor & enforce data quality standards across your organization (eg. Ensure all pH time series have level threshold setup) 
  4. Tangible tips on turning your data into immediate action  
  5. How to leverage Aquarius to achieve advanced forecasting for faster response  
Join us to explore how you can diagnose, elevate, and expand your monitoring program for faster response and proactive action.

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Brian Final

Brian Gouge
Senior Manager – Predictive Analytics

Aquatic Informatics

Mike Final

Michael Rosh
Hydrology Expert

Aquatic Informatics