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When It Floods, Are You Prepared?

Accurate and timely data plays a crucial part in staying proactive.
When It Floods, Are You Prepared?

As extreme weather events become more and more common, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to prepare for flooding and to have the appropriate plans in place to react to flooding as it occurs.

However, organizations cannot be truly prepared unless they are equipped to manage their data in an effective way. What’s more, early warning systems and more accurate data can be much more cost effective and have a more immediate impact than infrastructure upgrades when it comes to flood response and preparedness.

Learn about the activities and data types that you should be monitoring in order to prepare for and react to floods, and about the tools that will enable you to:

  1. Automate data sharing through public and internal data exchanges
  2. Monitor data in real time, allowing for quick reaction times during flood events
  3. Provide context to real-time data relative to historical data
  4. Mitigate risk by quantifying impact on the public
  5. Correct and process data to help seperate the signal from the noise

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