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Communicating Hydrometric Data Quality – What, How, & Why

This eBook examines the current standards for characterizing and communicating data quality. Discover how qualifying your data can build confidence and trust.
Communicating Hydrometric Data Quality – What, How, & Why

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Written for water resource managers, this paper presents the latest industry standards and best practices for improving the availability, reliability, and accuracy of data for today’s water monitoring programs.

  1. Quality Management System – read the latest USGS, ISO, and WMO industry standards to improve your QMS.
  2. Network Design – get tips to optimize your network design to meet your monitoring objectives.
  3. Technology – discover technologies that can maximize your information-to-cost ratio over the lifespan of devices.
  4. Training – learn how training can minimize procedural blunders and errors in data collection and handling.
  5. Data Management – learn how to centralize and analyze your data for higher integrity, reliability, and timeliness.

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