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4 Key Water Data Management Milestones eBook

An exploration of four key water data management milestones to ensure the sustainability of our most valuable resource.
4 Key Water Data Management Milestones eBook

Water’s biggest problem is its invisibility. You don’t tackle problems that are out of sight. We need a new relationship with water, and that has to start with understanding it.

Charles Fishman,

Power of Water Data

As a Water Data Management Software provider working with over 1,000 organizations, we’ve identified four key milestones our customers reach or strive for in their efforts to derive knowledge from data.


Water Data Consolidation

Breaking down information silos to unlock potential and understand relationships between them.

Water Data Analysis

Gaining a holistic view of your water data to answer your organization’s most important questions.

Internal Knowledge Sharing

Equipping all stakeholders with timely & actionable insights that support better, faster decisions.

External Knowledge Sharing

Strengthening relationships with communities to foster collaborative approaches to water management.

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Featuring Examples from Innovative Organizations

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In this short eBook, we explore how organizations are leveraging their data to bring forth a much-needed era of water innovation and preventive action—and ensure a sustainable supply of water for generations to come.
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1. Water Data Management Milestones

Explore the four data management milestones that water organizations should strive towards to gain a true understanding of their water management systems and the cause and effect of different activity.


2. New Innovations in Water Management

Discover existing technologies that can help automate data collection (e.g. SCADA), examine data alongside other sources (e.g. LIMS, GIS, billing data, compliance data, etc.), and—most importantly—connect the dots to uncover real insights.

3. Best Practices from Real Organizations

Follow real-life examples from organizations that are taking control of their own water data and gaining the knowledge and power to secure our most valuable resource for generations to come.

Today’s Water Challenges

4 Billlion

live in waterscarce regions & have no access to safe drinking water.

1 Million Deaths

around the world per year from waterborne diseases.

21 Million Americans
MILLION Americans

are getting water from systems that violate health standards.

33 Major Cities

have skirted water quality testing prompting criminal charges.