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Streamlining Pearland’s FOG Program with Historical Information at Their Fingertips

Collecting Inspection Data in the Field UsingMobile Devices With LinkoFOG & Remote Inspector
Streamlining Pearland’s FOG Program with Historical Information at Their Fingertips

About City of Pearland, Texas

Pearland, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Located south of Houston, they were using LinkoFOG software to manage their FOG program. They added the Remote Inspector module to modernize and automate their FOG Program.

The Challenge

Pearland, Texas was looking to modernize their Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) tracking program. The city has over 500 facilities that they were trying to track using Excel spreadsheets. They had no historical facility information and the only information that they were tracking was the last inspection date for each facility. If a variance had been issued to certain facilities, no adequate record was kept, leaving a lot up to chance. When Laurie Rodriguez, Pretreatment Coordinator joined the Pearland team in January 2015, she wanted to find a software solution that would assist her two-person team to more efficiently keep track of data. Specifically, they needed to track facility history, communication, notices, inspection and all correspondence.

We have a better idea of all the businesses that are here, better organization in terms of how everything is maintained, and know who and when to inspect and follow ups.

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Laurie Rodriguez, Pretreatment Coordinator, City of Pearland
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The Solution: Linko

Laurie Rodriguez began to evaluate Pretreatment and FOG software solutions that would allow them to easily manage their 500 FSEs and 15 Industries. She was referred to Linko Technology from a colleague located at another city who was using the software for their program. She was immediately drawn to the Remote Inspector module of the software. Remote Inspector is a module that is used to collect inspection data in the field using mobile devices. The data is then automatically synced to the LinkoFOG database avoiding the need for manual data entry upon return to the office.

With LinkoFOG, Laurie and her team are able to schedule inspections, use Remote Inspector to collect inspection data in the field and then use the software to analyze the data. “We evaluate everything from interceptors to Best Management Practices,” explains Laurie. “We want to help the facility minimize waste going into the interceptors and also monitor the storm drains in the area, making sure there are no cross contaminations. All of that is on the inspection form that we have in Remote Inspector. Once signed, we are able to promptly email or print a copy to the facility for their records.”

With the Remote Inspector module, the authorities are able to configure their forms to collect unique sets of data and have multiple forms for different purposes, depending on the nature of their inspection. The forms are capable of capturing digital signatures, images and other types of data, reducing the need for paperwork related to inspections. Before implementing Linko, the City of Pearland was collecting a lot of paperwork. “Everything was done on paper,” describes Laurie, “I like keeping everything electronic. It streamlines the whole process, and provides historical information at our fingertips.”

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The Benefits

The City of Pearland has found that with Linko software in place they are much more efficient in how they manage and track their businesses. The auto scheduling functionality allows them to make certain that follow-ups are completed and nothing slips through the cracks. They are confident that all of the businesses are being inspected at least once per year and are able to easily keep track of those that are being monitored more closely. “We have found less errors, and are more efficient in the management of our facilities and are confident that we are not missing anyone,” explains Laurie. “Prior to using Linko, we did not have a way to know which business were missed and now our records are more complete.” Laurie reports that they have seen a return on their investment in terms of the efficiencies that have been added when managing their FOG program. “We have a better idea of all the businesses that are here, better organization in terms of how everything is maintained, and know who and when to inspect and follow up,” states Laurie.

From LinkoFOG’s ability to consolidate all data into one repository she is able to manage her FOG Program, permits, communication and inspection results, and make use of the powerful Remote Inspector tool. The ability to generate queries is beneficial. Especially when at the TCEQ’s next request for a facility survey inventory. Through Linko, this information is easily generated and it will be more up-to-date. LinkoFOG and Remote inspector has improved the operations of Pearland’s team and allowed them to better manage and track their FOG program. They now have a more complete view into the businesses they monitor with less errors, allowing them to stay on top of those who need to be monitored.

Solution Highlights


  • More robust and efficient tracking of FOG data

  • Less waste going into the interceptors

  • Automated inspection scheduling

  • More complete records

  • FOG Program information centralized including: permits, communication and inspection results

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