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Linko Add-On Modules

Not all Compliance Tracking Programs are the same. Linko Add-On Modules allow our customers the power and flexibility to add specific features for their individual needs. Both LinkoCTS and LinkoFOG allow customized solutions for a wide variety of needs.

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Linko Pumpout Manifest Portal

Reduce Inspections Through Electronic Pumpout Manifests

Linko’s Pumpout Manifest (POM) Portal is designed to be used with LinkoFOG and is for FOG Programs who want to focus their limited resources on Facilities who are not cleaning their grease abatement devices as required, exceed 25% rules, or have devices in need of repair. POM Portal provides a solution for gathering electronic pumpout manifests from Facilities or Haulers thereby eliminating manual data entry of manifests by FOG Program staff and for automatically emailing reminders as well as scheduling pumpouts for the Facilities. Facilities not meeting their maintenance requirements are easily identified, allowing FOG Program staff to focus enforcement and inspection activities on those facilities not in compliance.

Liquid waste hauler.

Automatic reminders are sent when a pumpout is due or late

Electronic submission of pumpout manifest

Real-time access to submissions in LinkoFOG

Triggered email confirmation sent upon manifest submission

Schedule next pumpout automatically

Submitting depth of grease, solids and water can be done by hauler

Calculate the 25% rule automatically

Immediate email notification for critical issues observed by hauler (if trap is broken, evidence of grease seepage, etc.)

Cradle-to-grave tracking


Authority Benefits

Save time and streamline efficiencies

Eliminate paper manifest data entry

Reduce the amount of inspections you need to perform

Reduce the burden of tracking pumpouts due, complete or missed

Focus attention on Facilities, not meeting maintenance requirements

See who hasn't been pumped and work with them without leaving the office

Facility Benefits

Get email reminders to have trap serviced

Receive confirmation email that manifest was received by Authority

Online web or smart phone data entry is easier than sending hardcopy or fax

Fewer inspections means fewer disruptions to their businesses

Hauler Benefits

Get reminders to service the Facility

Receive confirmation email that manifest was received by Authority

Submit pumpouts in the field using your smart phone

Eliminate sending hard copy manifests by fax or mail

Field inspector.

Linko Remote Inspector

Field Inspection Tool

Linko Remote Inspector is a LinkoFOG add-on that allows inspectors to collect data electronically in the field. Designed for use with any tablet, the software uses an electronic version of your existing inspection form(s). The inspection forms are synchronized to LinkoFOG on your desktop, which drastically reduces the amount of manual data entry for inspectors when they return to the office.


Group facilities by inspector to allow for easier management of facilities assigned to you

Collect inspection data electronically in the field and signatures with the swipe of a finger

Reduce time spent entering data, avoid the paper trail and complete inspection forms just once, while on site – no more double data entry

Issue violations and other enforcement notices while on site

Use your own inspection forms, and customize which form fields are required, ensuring that all critical data is gathered

See historical inspection records while out in the field, and sync with Linko on your desktop

Eliminate uploading, sorting and organizing photos back at your desk by adding photos to an inspection record on the spot

Copy existing inspections records to speed up data entry and email them instantly


Supports “Go green” initiatives

Allows time for more inspections to be done

Less hassle as well as more accurate & efficient


Self-Monitoring Reporting Portal For Industries

LinkoExchange is a LinkoCTS add-on that is used by both Industries and Industrial Pretreatment Program Control Authorities to send and receive Self Monitoring Reports and correspondence electronically. Industries use LinkoExchange to gather information and legally sign and submit reports electronically, eliminating the need to send paper reports containing wet ink signatures.

Tablet and Phones with Energy Facilities and Water Data Sheets.

Collect sample reports from industry in a timely manner

Check for accuracy and compliance

Store all of that information

Satisfy Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) requirements

Get ready to submit Annual Report electronically


Industry Benefits

Help avoid non-compliance for incomplete or inaccurate reports

Reduce the time it takes to submit reports to the Authority

Save money by reducing labor costs compiling reports

Eliminate double-data entry and errors into other systems including lab data entry

Store and organize all your IPP compliance data in one system

Go green by eliminating the environmental impacts of paper reporting

Industrial Pretreatment Program Benefits

Cradle-to-grave tracking of all of your industrial SMR data, in your LinkoCTS database

All Industry data in one place, with minimal manual effort

Automate a process that is very complicated

Everything in place for EPA Audits

Scalable and able grow as your program grows

How does it work?

  1. The Industry logs into LinkoExchange to enter the SMR and view information about reporting requirements. LinkoExchange performs compliance calculations, instantly notifying industry of any permit limit violations.
  2. LinkoExchange generates a score card which highlights what elements are missing from reporting package ensuring the package is complete and accurate.
  3. The industry generates their SMR package for the authority. The SMR package includes a cover letter, lab reports, certification statement, etc.
  4. The Industry submits the SMR electronically. LinkoExchange keeps a Copy of Record (COR) as per EPA Requirements.
  5. If the IPP is not yet CROMERR approved, the IU must also print and sign a paper copy and submit it to the authority.
  6. An email is automatically sent to the industry with a submission confirmation receipt.
  7. The Authority receives an automated email notifying them that the SMR package has been submitted.
  8. The Authority logs into LinkoExchange to review the SMR results and then syncs the data to their LinkoCTS software. The system will automatically issue email alerts to the authority if IU results are over their permit limit.
  9. Communication Portal centralizes all communication between the Authority and the Industries. For instance, NOVs can be sent and responses received through Linko Exchange.

Do I need CROMERR Certification?

CROMERR approval is not a requirement to use LinkoExchange. If you do not have CROMERR certification, industries can use LinkoExchange to store their sample results, making use of the score card to ensure complete and accurate SMRs results. The data will still be transfered electronically to the authority but the industry will have to send a signed copy of the paperwork, printed from LinkoExchange. Linko has helped other programs obtain CROMERR certification. Please contact us to learn how we can help you too.

Water analysis at a lab.

Linko LabSync

Fully Automated LIMS Integration

Linko LabSync automatically transfers sample and results data from a LIMS into LinkoCTS. LabSync checks for new results daily and then brings them into Linko. Just open Linko and see the results that have come in. A daily email is generated to alert you of potential limit violations that occurred from the samples and results that were imported. Spend your time using Linko to review results for compliance instead of inputting data. LabSync can also work bi-directionally allowing LIMS to be pre-populated with upcoming Chain of Custody data from Linko.


Create a seamless connection between lab databases (LIMS) and Linko

Automatically populate Linko with lab results

Completely eliminate manual data entry of lab results

Pre-populate LIMS with upcoming sample data

Eliminate risk of transcription errors

Allow staff to focus on data analysis instead of data entry/import


Quickly import sample data, so sample analysis and compliance tracking can be done right away

Automate your processes, allowing you to do more with less, and make better use of your limited resources

LabSync does the grunt work for you by using the automated data assistant

Linko Remote Sampler

Sample Results in the Field With Auto-Generated Chain of Custodies

Linko Remote Sampler is an add-on module for LinkoCTS which provides sample technicians access to an electronic Chain of Custody in the field. Used in conjunction with Linko’s Sampling Assistant and LabSync modules, Chain of Custodies are automatically created and scheduled, allowing Sample Technicians to collect field observations and signatures while in the field. Chain of Custodies or ‘Work Orders’ are automatically created and scheduled by LinkoCTS based upon Authority sampling requirements.  Schedules can be assigned to Sample Technicians in batch and can be changed/updated and integrated into an Outlook calendar using Linko’s OutlookSync module. Chain of Custodies completed in the field automatically create samples in LinkoCTS for the field analysis performed in the field. As data from the LIMS is later imported into LinkoCTS using LabSync, analytical samples are automatically created and the sampling observations and images taken during the sampling event are associated with those samples.

A tablet and mobile phone with photos of grease tank and a grease measuring device.

Auto-generate chain of custodies from LinkoCTS

Access chain of custody and bottle details electronically in the field

Capture an image of the sampling activities

Quickly and easily capture sampling machine information using barcode scanning

Capture split samples including the name and signature of the Industry representative

Perform sampling activities even when 'offline', and no internet connection exists

Industry contact and location information are available in the field, includes Google map integration with navigation instructions to the next sample location

Electronic capture and storage of Industry, Lab and Sampler signatures

Create an electronic Chain of Custody (PDF), including those signatures

Results from sample events are automatically available for review in LinkoCTS


No more paper or transcription into LinkoCTS - capture sample results one time, at the source

Reduced data entry using the convenient barcode scanner for quick capture of sampling instrument details saving time in the field

Electronic creation and storage of Chain of Custody PDF files with signatures means zero lost or illegible COCs

Zero data entry after the lab analysis is complete with LabSync integration

Easily change sample due dates using familiar drag and drop features of Outlook, making it easier and faster to adjust sampling schedules for weather or staff issues

A tablet and mobile phone showing smoke stacks.

Linko Surcharge Assistant

Accurate, Consistent, and Easy to Use, Industrial Billing

Linko Surcharge Assistant is a LinkoCTS module and is designed for industrial pretreatment programs that want to eliminate the use of complex spreadsheets used for tracking extra strength surcharge. The Linko Surcharge Assistant provides two modes of operation. It will either calculate surcharge rates that can be shared with your billing department, or create the invoices that are sent directly to the industries.

Define and store different surcharge limits and rates per parameter

Leverage the sampling results already in Linko

Automatically calculate average concentration, rates or bill amounts

Generate Invoices to send to Industries or rates to share with your billing department

Customize invoices and surcharge reports


Eliminate complex spreadsheets for managing your surcharge

Generate consistent and accurate rates and bills every time

Permanent records of your surcharge and billing history, and the samples they are based on

Linko Outlook Sync

Calendar Integration

Linko OutlookSync works with both LinkoCTS and LinkoFOG and allows you to see your Pretreatment and/or FOG “to-do” list in one place. Automatically sync your tasks and updates between your Outlook and Linko calendars, or create personalized calendars for each member of your team. Visualize all tasks on one calendar, or split them into Inspection calendar, Sampling calendar, Permitting calendar, etc.

Mobile and laptop syncing pretreatment and Fats Oils and Grease to do list with Outlook.

Visualize and manage events from Linko on your MS Outlook Calendar(s)

Sync scheduled and re-scheduled events in both Outlook and Linko automatically

Use Outlook to view the entire staff’s pretreatment/FOG schedules

Use just one calendar or use several Outlook calendars to organize events by departments (Samplers, Inspectors, Compliance Officers, etc.)


Never miss an important task, follow-up, or other important compliance event

Simplify complex sample schedules by viewing “to-do” samples in your Outlook calendar

Additional LinkoCTS Add-On Modules

Not all Pretreatment Compliance Programs are the same, which is why we continuously add LinkoCTS features to better meet your needs.


LinkoPipe helps pretreatment programs import lab data files and saves time and increases accuracy by eliminating data entry and transcription errors. Run violation checks and compare results to limits at import. Import in-house or contract lab data and easily configure translation maps.

Linko Permit Writer

Linko's Permit Writer allows pretreatment programs to create flexible and modifiable permit templates. Automatically generate permit documents and eliminate transcription errors, with consistent and repeatable permits. Create customized permits one at a time, or many in large batches.

Linko Sampling Assistant

Speed up permit sampling with Linko's Sample Assistant by instantly loading sampling requirements. Manage and customize Linko's chain-of-custodies including: parameters, methods, and bottle type. Keep track of bottle labels with sample numbers, preservatives, and aliquots.


LinkoAG helps manage silver and mercury reduction programs such as dental offices and other sources of silver and mercury. Track installations of amalgam separators and removal devices. Schedule and track maintenance of removal devices, as well as record and schedule inspections.


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