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LinkoHW - Liquid Hauled Waste

LinkoHW™ Hauled Waste tracking software efficiently manages municipal FOG and septage hauled waste programs. The easily customizable, and process specific screens make high volume data entry and reporting fast and easy. Combining LinkoHW™ with LinkoFOG™ - Fats Oil and Grease software provides comprehensive Cradle-to-Grave Oil and Grease tracking. This means FOG disposals are instantly traced back to the originating Food Service Establishments (FSE) for closed loop monitoring.

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Hauler Inventory

Assemble, Sort, Manage & Report on Your List of Waste Haulers

  • First Step – The first step in implementing your hauled waste program involves assembling an “Inventory” of approved or permitted waste haulers in your service area.
  • Initial List – Track haulers by name, address, permit number, vehicles and drivers. State and local permits are easily accessed. Sort and group haulers by any data field.
  • Vehicles – Track vehicle type, make, model, IDs, license #s. Access vehicle photos and notes. Look up haulers by vehicle license number or ID.
  • Update & Maintain – Add new haulers, retire/suspend haulers, modify contacts, update drivers and staff members.
  • Dynamic Lists of Haulers – Quickly view sub-sets of haulers: new, active, retired and more. Displayed in a variety of reports/spreadsheets.
Liquid waste hauling truck.
Yellow Liquid Waste Truck on Computer Monitor.

Manifest Tracking

Customizable Data Entry Screens, Automatic Generator Look up & Flexible Reporting Tools

  • Streamline & Save Time – Quickly and easily manage high volume disposals.
  • Disposal Tracking – Record generator, manifest ID, amount pumped, hauler company, vehicle ID, driver, date pumped, date of disposal, disposal site.
  • Cradle to Grave – The generator to disposal tracking provides a closed loop system. With one click, see all of the pumpouts not disposed of, then tie the disposals back to FOG generator in LinkoFOG.
  • Volumes – Record and tally the amounts disposed of by type of waste, hauler, county or region, generator, time period, and more for streamlined billing.
  • Reporting – Generate customizable reports and letters for a variety of user defined look ups, and data sets.

Activity Scheduling

Customizable Activity Tracking Reminds You What Is Due & When

  • Manage – Organize permit expirations, insurance requirements, and scheduled inspections in one central location.
  • Schedule – “Auto Schedule” hauler onsite and field inspections, permit renewals, certifications and insurance requirements. Produce custom field inspection forms and task lists.
  • Activities & Events – Manage hauler inspections, insurance requirements, permit renewals and more. Completed actions are instantly rescheduled.
  • Violation Detection – Keep things simple with user defined compliance criteria. Detection of exceedances and late requirements trigger NOV/Warning letters, predefined enforcement actions, and follow up compliance requirements.
  • Mailings – Generate custom reminder letters for insurance requirements, certifications, permit renewals and more.
Liquid waste hauling truck.
Liquid waste hauler.

Violations & Enforcements

Flag Failed Inspections & Missing Insurance Requirements. Issue & Track Violations & Enforcements.

  • Detection – Detect missing manifest submissions, failed onsite or field inspections, sample analysis exceedances and generate Notice of Violation (NOV) letters.
  • Compliance Milestones – Create customizable enforcement response plan, reusable compliance plans, and follow up compliance reminders.
  • NOV Customization – Build reusable custom Notice of Violation (NOV)/warning letter templates.
  • Violation Reporting – Comprehensive reporting of who is in compliance, who is not, complete violation history, and escalations.

Flexible Reporting

Customize Linko Reports to Make Them Your Own

  • Meet Requirements – Each Hauled Waste program is unique and has distinct reporting requirements. With the Flexible Reporter, your organization will customize Linko reports to make them your own.
  • Report Customization – Easily add logos, change text and add or remove fields. This includes disposal reports, NOVs, warning letters, status reports, and more.
  • Mail Merge Letters – Copy your MS-Word letters into LinkoHW to perform mass mailings with custom data sets.
  • Custom Data Sets – Filter and sort to produce custom data sets for reports. Reports are generated for any group or subset.
  • MS Word & MS Excel – Export reports/letters to MS Word and Excel for easy modifications and distribution.
Tablet with photo of a calculator, and charts.
A tablet and mobile phone with photos of grease tank and a grease measuring device.

Samples & Results

Schedule, Track & Evaluate Sample Analysis Compliance with Ease

  • Analysis Parameters – Precise analytical data is very useful in determining what your haulers are disposing of. Track Oil and Grease, BOD, TSS, ph and Temperature, or implement your own custom parameters.
  • Manage Results – Customizable data entry screens, and result import process (requires LinkoPipe) reduce/eliminate data entry time. Results are compared to compliance limits, exceedances are flagged.
  • Violation Process – Violations are detected and NOV/Warning letters are generated, follow-up compliance requirements are added to your calendar.

The Benefits

With LinkoHW, meet reporting requirements, reduce risk for compliance technicians and managers, and save on maintenance costs with affordable, effective software solutions.

Comply With Regulations

Automate scheduling, tracking, and evaluating sample analysis compliance. Reduce human error and liability. Track significant non-compliance, check for compliance, and receive immediate notifications of exceedances. Configure reminders and late notices, and easily record inspection and sample inspection data as complete.

Inspect More Efficiently

Know who to inspect and when. Generate yearly inspection schedules in minutes, quickly see the status of each FSE in your list, receive regular reminders, and automatically produce a field inspection form. Flag non-compliance and know when to send a Notice of Violation or warning letter.

Educate & Encourage

Work together with FSEs to help them understand their responsibilities and reduce the amount of FOG entering the sewer system. With our system’s comprehensive and easy-to-use tools, you can build, send, and track tailored educational materials for all FSEs, or subsets of FSEs that have special circumstances.

Manage Maintenance Schedules

Never miss an event. Keep track of maintenance programs and save time by customizing data entry options and automating trap-cleaning schedules. Quickly generate reports to see program status at a glance. Configure reminders and late notices, and easily record inspection and sample inspection data as complete.

Eliminate Data Bottlenecks

Automate all data entry. Connect LIMS data directly to the software, and import lab data from contract labs, IU data and SMRs, and grease trap service information. Leverage mobile technology to collect inspection details in the field and integrate third party software to break down data silos, build better communication.

Receive Data From Businesses

Make any data submission easier. With the FOG Hauler, FSE Inspections, IU Self Monitoring, and Liquid Hauled Waste systems, any data collection can be automatic. Benefit from preloaded SIC, Categorical, and NAICS codes, as well as unlimited monitoring points per industry with user-defined parameter limits.


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