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LinkoFOG™ streamlines and organizes all aspects of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Programs. Linko's FOG Software will save you and your staff time and money, eliminate management headaches, and ensure you cover all the required steps in your FOG program. Because not all FOG programs are alike, Linko offers a variety of product configurations certain to meet your unique responsibilities.

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Food Service Establishments (FSEs) Inventory

Assemble, Sort, Manage & Report on Your List of FSEs

  • First Step – The first step in implementing your Fats, Oils and Grease Control Program involves assembling an “Inventory” of Food Service Establishments (FSEs) in your service area.
  • Initial List – Provide Linko with an electronic list of Food Service Establishments (FSEs) to transfer into LinkoFOG™ for an efficient starting point, or simply key in FSE information as it becomes available.
  • Update & Maintain – Track grease extraction equipment (grease traps, grease interceptors, AGRUs), add new FSEs as they come online, retire FSEs as they go out of business.
  • Dynamic Lists of FSEs – Quickly view sub-sets of FSEs: pre-existing, renovated, FSEs with and without grease traps, new, retired and more. These lists are easily displayed in a variety of reports/spreadsheets.
  • Mailings – Automatically print educational materials, BMPs, notice of violations/warnings & mailing labels for any or all FSEs.
Tablet with dinner table and plates of food, mobile phone with fried food.
Tablet with a photo of restaurant food preparation, and a mobile phone with a woman inspecting a restaurant kitchen.

FOG Inspections

Easily Schedule, Track, Evaluate, Flag & Report on FOG Inpections

  • Purpose Built Software – Inspecting FSEs usually entails a pass/fail status based on facility observations and grease & solids layers within trap/interceptor. LinkoFOG™ software provides unique capabilities to schedule and manage high volume FSE inspections.
  • Initial/Ongoing Inspections – Verify existing FSEs, characterize new FSEs, identify change of ownership & renovations. Schedule follow-up inspections based on the needed frequency.
  • Trap Inspections – Track thickness of grease and solids layers. LinkoFOG™ will automatically calculate % grease, flag non-compliance and prompt you to generate a Notice of Violation (NOV) or Warning letter.
  • Scheduling – Generate inspection task lists by inspector and section of town to reduce time and distance between inspections.
  • Planning/Construction Inspections – Record acceptance, modifications, dates and schedule follow-up activities. Create letters and schedules for all phases of new FSE construction.
  • Forms & Reports – Configuring and customizing your inspection forms and reports.

Maintenance Schedule

Track Programs, Save Time by Customizing Data Entry, and Automate Trap-Cleaning Schedules

  • Trap Maintenance – Properly maintained grease traps/interceptors reduce the amount of Fats, Oils and Grease entering your sewers. LinkoFOG™ software provides exceptional schedule management tools to inform you of which FSEs are maintaining their traps and which ones are not.
  • Setup – Easily “Auto Schedule” the trap cleaning requirements for some or all FSEs. View maintenance schedules and maintenance history for one or many FSEs.
  • Track – Record Manifest ID, Amount Pumped, Pumper Company, Date Pumped, Date of Disposal, while LinkoFOG™ automatically records the next manifest due date.
  • Detect Late Manifests – Quickly view all late maintenance logs and/or manifest submissions.
  • Mailings – Automatically print customizable letters & mailing labels for the late FSEs. A complete correspondence history for late submissions is maintained.
Desktop computer with a photo of an opened maintenance hole.
Tablet showing an overflowing maintenance hole.

Educational Outreach

Easy to Use Tools to Help You Build, Send & Track Educational Materials

  • Educate – Educating the FSEs on their Fats, Oils and Grease responsibilities and requirements is an effective tool in reducing the amount of FOG entering the sewer system.
  • Build Material – Cut and paste existing educational materials into LinkoFOG™ or build new templates within MS Word. Virtually unlimited templates may be stored.
  • List of Recipients – Educational materials may be tailored and generated specifically for a subset of FSEs, such as FSEs without traps, Fast Food, New FSEs, FSEs in a Hot Spot, etc.
  • Mass Mailings – Produce customized mass mailing Educational Outreach campaigns for any or all FSEs.
  • Outreach Tracking – As Outreach materials are generated, LinkoFOG™ automatically logs who received the materials and when.

Violations & Enforcements

Generate Custom Violation or Warning Letters

  • Maintenance Requirements – LinkoFOG™ flags late or missing maintenance requirements and failed inspections while providing friendly prompts to issue and track violations and enforcements.
  • Late Trap Cleanings – Quickly list all FSEs who have not submitted their trap-cleaning reports. Send these FSEs a reminder or Notice of Violation letter, and then track their compliance requirements.
  • Failed Inspections – Whether, through grease/solids layer exceedances, trap repair required or failed facility observation, LinkoFOG™ will prompt the user to create inspection violations.
  • Compliance Milestones – When enforcing a violation, a follow up compliance activity is usually required. Save time by generating custom mailing labels. LinkoFOG™ software provides a customizable enforcement response plan based on your compliance milestones. As milestones become due, a notification is provided ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
Iphone with Open Sign. Computer Screen Monitor with Coffee Shop Displayed.
A tablet showing a lab technician viewing a liquid sample contained in an Erlenmeyer flask

Samples & Results

Schedules, Tracks & Evaluates Sample Analysis Compliance with Ease

  • Analysis Parameters – Precise analytical data is very useful in determining the effectiveness of grease extraction devices and cleaning frequencies. Track Oils and Grease, BOD, TSS, ph and Temperature, or implement your own custom parameters.
  • Schedule Samples – Schedule sampling events for all FSEs or a particular group of FSEs through the Auto-Scheduler. LinkoFOG™ ensures all FSEs have been sampled.
  • Manage Results – Quickly enter results with customizable data entry screens. Results may also be imported into LinkoFOG™ (requires LinkoPipe).
  • Violation Process – Friendly prompts walk users from violation detection through enforcement (Violations Feature Required). This includes NOV or Warning letter generation and the logging of follow-up compliance requirements in your calendar.

Flexible Reporting

Quickly Customize Reports to Make Them Your Own

  • Customize Your Own Reports – Each Fats, Oils and Grease Control program is unique and has unique reporting requirements. Easily add logos, change text and add or remove fields. These reports can be based on your current reports and letters. This includes NOVs, warning letters, inspection status reports and more.
  • Report Distribution – Customized reports are automatically made available to all users throughout the software.
  • Custom Data Sets – These reports may be printed with your defined sets or groups of data. From almost any screen simply filter, sort and report!
  • MS Word & MS Excel – Exporting customized reports to MS Excel and MS Word provide for report sharing and easy modifications.
A laptop showing a person with a clipboard and inspection report.

The Benefits

With LinkoFOG, meet reporting requirements, reduce risk for compliance technicians and managers, and save on maintenance costs with affordable, effective software solutions.

Comply With Regulations

Automate scheduling, tracking, and evaluating sample analysis compliance. Reduce human error and liability. Track significant non-compliance, check for compliance, and receive immediate notifications of exceedances. Configure reminders and late notices, and easily record inspection and sample inspection data as complete.

Inspect More Efficiently

Know who to inspect and when. Generate yearly inspection schedules in minutes, quickly see the status of each FSE in your list, receive regular reminders, and automatically produce a field inspection form. Flag non-compliance and know when to send a Notice of Violation or warning letter.

Educate & Encourage

Work together with FSEs to help them understand their responsibilities and reduce the amount of FOG entering the sewer system. With our system’s comprehensive and easy-to-use tools, you can build, send, and track tailored educational materials for all FSEs, or subsets of FSEs that have special circumstances.

Manage Maintenance Schedules

Never miss an event. Keep track of maintenance programs and save time by customizing data entry options and automating trap-cleaning schedules. Quickly generate reports to see program status at a glance. Configure reminders and late notices, and easily record inspection and sample inspection data as complete.

Eliminate Data Bottlenecks

Automate all data entry. Connect LIMS data directly to the software, and import lab data from contract labs, IU data and SMRs, and grease trap service information. Leverage mobile technology to collect inspection details in the field and integrate third party software to break down data silos, build better communication.

Receive Data From Businesses

Make any data submission easier. With the FOG Hauler, FSE Inspections, IU Self Monitoring, and Liquid Hauled Waste systems, any data collection can be automatic. Benefit from preloaded SIC, Categorical, and NAICS codes, as well as unlimited monitoring points per industry with user-defined parameter limits.


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