AQUARIUS Impact Awards.

2015 World Water Day – Celebrating the Impact of Water Information

Happy 2015 World Water Day!

To celebrate World Water Day this year, Aquatic Informatics launched the inaugural 2015 AQUARIUS Impact Awards. What better day to celebrate the outstanding work our customers do every day in managing and protecting the world’s most precious resources – water! This year on World Water Day the focus is “Water & Sustainable Development.” We all know that our global water cycle is facing increased stress from rapid population growth, climate change, pollution, and growing competing demands for water to support urbanization, industry, energy, food, sanitation, and safe drinking supply. What is not celebrated is the dedicated work and impact of water professionals, including our own AQUARIUS customers – they are passionately caring for the local hydrological ecosystems that make up the global water cycle.   AQUARIUS customers are on the forefront, redefining water monitoring industry best practices. They are deeply dedicated to generating the real-time water information required to make the right multi-objective, multi-stakeholder decisions for the sustainable management of the world’s water resources.

Today, we would like to celebrate the winners of the 2015 AQUARIUS Impact Awards.

The 2015 AQUARIUS Impact Awards are designed to acknowledge the outstanding work our clients do to manage and protect the world’s waters. This year, we received entries from organizations around the globe, including the United States, New Zealand, Afganistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines. Aquatic Informatics is proud to award the North American AQUARIUS Impact Award to the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office, and the International AQUARIUS Impact Award to the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, El Salvador.

Wyoming State Engineer’s Office

“Since purchasing AQUARIUS software in 2008 for our agency we have dramatically increased the accuracy and quality of our stream gaging network state-wide,” said Loren Smith, Superintendent Water Division III at the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office. “By also employing the web portal to serve up near real time data to our field staff as well as the public, fact based decisions can be made on the fly with confidence. Agency field staff are spread across the state, managing water on a daily basis and these tools enable them to make defensible decisions while maintaining the data that drives those decisions. With over 400 gaging sites collecting data in all corners of Wyoming the time savings in records reduction has been well worth the investment. Field staff must reduce the collected data to publishable form and by employing the AQUARIUS software we have realized about a 50% time savings across the board, freeing up valuable limited staff time for other important work. All records are collected and reduced to USGS standards now which has also contributed to a much more reliable data set to work with. AQUARIUS database storage of the data is integral to our work with other Federal and State agencies who have long urged us to provide better queryable long term consistent data for use in modeling, research and water management decisions. We have over the last couple of years worked to now host our groundwater data using the AQUARIUS system as well thus providing users with all of the available data we have on this precious resource which we are constitutionally charged with administering. Into the future the demands for this data will only continue to increase with time and we feel we are well poised to respond to those demands.”

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, El Salvador

“Outstanding! A word that explains how our office has excelled in providing data to our users,” said Roberto Cerón, Hydrologist at the El Salvador Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. “For us, AQUARIUS Time-Series is more than software, it is a complex system that makes our daily operations easier and more efficient.” “Before we acquired the system, we used to process the information using basic spreadsheets. Three people were permanently assigned to do this job and just for only fourteen stations. Since 2010, our country improved the real-time network by increasing the number of stations to thirty five, collecting data every ten to fifteen minutes. And now what! That was the expression of the people in charge of processing the data … so, by the beginning of 2012, we started to look for software than could simplify the work to be done. In an international meeting, we met a professional from Aquatic Informatics who made a presentation about AQUARIUS Time-Series. What a surprise… a solution for our problem! Immediately we contacted the expert to learn a little bit more about this tool. In a friendly manner, they explained the benefits of the software and how we could improve our data management procedures. By December of the same year, we were signing the contract to acquire the “tool” and our dream of having help doing our job came true. Now, we are using the AQUARIUS Time-Series to manage data from more than a hundred stations in real-time, not only for stream flow data, but also for soil moisture, temperature, solar radiation, precipitation, and ten more meteorological parameters. Only two technicians are doing this job and we have time to do more in the office.” “El Salvador is a small country, but has a highly diverse climate. Software like AQUARIUS to manage our water resources and improve the quality and quantity of data is what we needed.”

Thank you Roberto Cerón and Loren Smith for sharing your success stories and congratulations on your achievements!

It’s an exciting time to be working in the water monitoring industry. New innovations are making it possible to make better water resource decisions in real-time for today and advanced analytics are making it possible to make the right decisions for a sustainable future. I would like to personally thank the thousands of scientists and technicians using AQUARIUS in more than 400 organizations globally for the work they do every day to make the world a better place for our communities, our families, our children, and our future generations. I would also like to extend a special thank you to all our customers who applied for the AQUARIUS Impact Awards. Please stay tuned as we share other award application stories. It’s my belief that water professionals worldwide can benefit by discovering the success stories of our customers, as we work together to advance our industry and solve the world’s most complex water challenges.

  • Hari.C.S.
    Posted at 1:10 am, March 25, 2015

    Water is the life on earth which is also called the Water planet.
    Water a natural resource which needs to be judiciously used for generations to come

  • Dr. Jalaluddin Qureshi
    Posted at 8:16 pm, May 31, 2015

    world water Day conference successfully organized with collaboration of united nation association of Houston at Houston community college . About 300 scientist participated including congressman Algreen ,and shilla jackson congresswoman given the awareness about
    water monitoring conservation and Development . Dr. jalal Qureshi is organizining world water day confernce science 2013 ,2014 and 2015 with out any financial help of any goverment or any agency , The detail of each year world water report available at

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