Water Heart.

The Poetry & Romance of Water Data Management

In my last blog post, I announced the two winners of the 2015 AQUARIUS Impact Awards. We had many applications and I promised I would share additional customer success stories we received in response to this new awards program.

This week, it’s my absolute pleasure to share two of the most creative submissions we received. We simply couldn’t keep these to ourselves.

Goulburn-Murray Water Success Story


AQUARIUS, AQUARIUS what can I say,
It helps us do our work every day.

Two years ago our systems got updated,
It may sound extreme but our old systems were hated.

AQUARIUS is so easy to use,
We are unstoppable now that we have this and FEWS.

We have six hundred and three locations and sites,
It is continually growing to new heights.

Whiteboard makes it easy to extract data,
With our old system you would click and come back hours later.

When I’ve had AQUARIUS questions from time to time,
The support we receive has been greater than fine.

All in all AQUARIUS is a winner,
It’s made our life easier and stopped our hair getting thinner.

Thanks to your team for the work that you do,
Here’s to AQUARIUS we’ll raise a glass for you!

– Rosalind Murphy, Water Systems Officer

Metropolitan Council Success Story

In the past two years my relationship with AQUARIUS has ebbed and flowed like that of the discharge of the Mississippi River. At first we were unfamiliar with each other, as we were both inundated with a flood of new information. Like any relationship, it was a bit stormy at times. After all, if this relationship was going to succeed long-term, then we had a lot to learn about one another. I started by telling our entire history—site visits, calibrations, stage, discharge, temperature, and a whole slough of other information. In turn I learned about AQUARIUS as well—how it stores and processes data, its flexibility, its efficiency; it even showed off some of its curves (rating curves that is). I also learned how potentially calculating and manipulative it could be. For water quality data, this is an attractive feature! Today AQUARIUS and I are working together to collect and store continuous pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and turbidity data at 6 monitoring sites on 3 rivers. Its real-time data helps us to quickly evaluate compliance with wastewater effluent aeration requirements. I am able to view data and track changes almost immediately after data are collected. AQUARIUS has taught me the value of good communication. Sometimes late at night it says things to me like, “Your conductivity is too low at RQM02,” and “The dissolved oxygen value at RQM05 has fallen below 6.0mg/L.” This is very helpful when scheduling and prioritizing work in the busy summer months. I have come to know AQUARIUS very well since we were first introduced, and I’ve grown accustomed to its interface.

– Matthew Loyas, Technician III – Water Quality Monitoring

I would like to sincerely thank Rosalind Murphy and Matthew Loyas for their creativity in sharing their AQUARIUS success stories!

I’ve always known our customers to be creative and adventurous in using AQUARIUS in innovative ways to solve complex water challenges. These two applications showed me how creative our customers can be in using poetry and prose to share their success in turning their water data into hydrological information. Stay tuned for additional customer case studies.

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  • Jennifer Jordan
    Posted at 8:12 pm, April 13, 2015

    I use AQUARIUS for a few things right now, but I am looking forward to when AQUARIUS becomes our sole data processor. I can’t wait to see how it works!

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