AQUARIUS Certified Integrator certificate of completion.

New AQUARIUS Certified Integrator Program – Being Truly Global

Aquatic Informatics has announced a new AQUARIUS Certified Integrator program.

Aquatic Informatics has been growing rapidly. We doubled in size last year and we now serve over 400 customers in 37 countries. Our Client Services department is proud to offer the best customer support and service in the industry, and we are committed to customer success. However, we also need to meet the needs of our customers who require additional services, such as integrating AQUARIUS Time-Series Server with their existing systems. To provide our customers with a local option, we are excited to add certified partners to our global offering.

The new Aquatic Informatics Certification Program will allow us to extend the availability of high-quality services worldwide. With access to these partners, our growing customer community will benefit from an active network of trained partners who are certified to offer the highest-standard services and solutions. Together, we will have more resources to help customers succeed by leveraging the full capabilities of the AQUARIUS software suite to better manage their water data.

Customers can depend on partners in their region for AQUARIUS migration, integration, modelling, and reporting services.

The AQUARIUS Certified Integrator course is a multi-day training program for organizations that provide professional services to AQUARIUS customers. The training focuses on three main topics: (1) integrating AQUARIUS with other systems, (2) migrating data to AQUARIUS, and (3) customizing the reporting functionality of AQUARIUS. Once an organization has completed the training course, and at least one AQUARIUS project, they become eligible for AQUARIUS Certified Integrator status.

We are excited to have Riverside Technology, inc. (Riverside) as our first AQUARIUS Certified Integrator.

Riverside has been working with Aquatic Informatics for a number of years. They have successfully completed a number of AQUARIUS projects, and they have an extensive background working on technology solutions related to environmental science and water data management. For example, working with the City of New York, Riverside expanded the reporting capabilities of AQUARIUS Time-Series by adding an extra component that interacts with AQUARIUS via the AQUARIUS Application Programming Interface (API) and the existing AQUARIUS reporting infrastructure. The extended functionality allows the City of New York to heavily customize and execute batches of AQUARIUS reports without any user interaction required.

Customers are invited to visit the growing Global Partner Directory to meet local partners that can help them leverage the full capabilities of the AQUARIUS software to solve their environmental resource challenges.

Industry manufacturers, resellers, and engineering and consulting professionals are invited to learn more about the benefits of joining our strategic partnership program. Contact us by phone at +1.604.873.2782 or email us at

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