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AQUARIUS 3.3 Released – Data Correction Solution for Hydrological Data

AQUARIUS 3.3 was released last week, and as always we are keen to tell you all about it and help you take advantage of what it offers. Exciting enhancements to the Data Correction toolbox as well as other enhancements to the system make this release of AQUARIUS the most powerful and easy to use data correction solution for producing high quality hydrological data.

AQUARIUS 3.3 includes several new features:

Data Correction Toolbox Enhancements.
The Data Correction Toolbox is now even more powerful and intuitive. Updates include: flexible axis behavior via new Chart Manager dialog, logarithmic & inverted scale, the ability to display the same signal more than once per chart, improved performance displaying discrete data, more intuitive zoom, & the ability to auto-scale to corrected signals.

Cross-location Derivation.AQUARIUS 3.3 can now compute data in one location (e.g. river discharge) using data from another location (e.g. lake stage).

Cross-location derived time-series allows users to create a statistically derived, calculated derived, or rating curve derived time-series.

Performance Improvements. Performance has been significantly enhanced across the system. Faster internal processing of data corrections means up to 3 times speedier launch times and responsiveness within toolboxes.

Many More Improvements & Fixes. As in all AQUARIUS releases, Version 3.3 includes a long list of enhancements. Users will notice improvements across various toolboxes, including the Advanced Statistics, Data Correction, Empirical Modeling, Math, Model Based Correction, Profiling, Quickview, and Write To Server Toolboxes.

We’re also excited to share with you two new videos created by AQUARIUS Support Specialist, Alex Graf, to get you up and running with the newly launched Data Correction Chart Manager and Location Manager’s Cross-Location Derivation feature. These videos along with further details about all of the new features in AQUARIUS 3.3 are highlighted on our popular AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal.

We encourage you to visit this active online community, where you can download the latest version of AQUARIUS, exchange information with other users, and keep up to date on developments. If you are a water resource manager who is new to AQUARIUS and would like to learn more about the system, we would be delighted to give you a demonstration using your own data.  Please contact us at

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