Happy Holidays 2015 From Aquatic Informatics.

Happy Holidays! Our Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Happy holidays from all the contributors here at Hydrology Corner!

It’s been another busy year at Hydrology Corner with more than 30 insightful and important discussions on a range of topics, from Uncertainty and the IoT, to Captain Kirk piping Water from Seattle to California and the Zombie Apocalypse.

Here are our Top 5 Most Popular Posts:

  1. Qualified Quality or Uncertain Uncertainty? How Truthful are Your Hydrometric Data?
  2. Uncertainty Is the Unlocked Back Door Used by Unwanted Surprises
  3. How Improbable is a One-In 1,000 Year Flood Event?
  4. Virtue Versus Temptation in Water Data Management
  5. 2015 World Water Day – Celebrating the Impact of Water Information

We appreciate your interest and contributions and it’s been a pleasure discussing best practices, data management, water quality and trends in the water monitoring industry with you all. We look forward to more interesting discussions with you in 2016.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Ed Quilty
President & CEO, Aquatic Informatics

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