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Webinar – Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software

As part of our on-going webinar series, I am thrilled to host Jayson Peterson from Entura on June 24th for a discussion on “Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software.” Entura is part of Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest and most experienced renewable energy producer and water manager.

Webinar: SMART Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
11 AM PDT | 12 PM MDT | 1 PM CDT | 2 PM EDT
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As my colleague Stephen Cawood mentioned in his blog post, Entura was involved in the SMART Tunnel project in Malaysia. Flash floods have been an ongoing problem for Kuala Lumpur’s business district. In 1971, major flooding lasted for five days; it was the worst on record since 1926. The flood covered 445 hectares of land in the centre of the city and caused extensive damage. Incidences of flooding have become more frequent since then.

This highlights the importance of having robust software to support flood forecasting and management efforts. When facing imminent flood dangers, time is of the essence, and with AQUARIUS Forecast, it has never been easier to analyze, simulate, and forecast water resources to help solve complex water management challenges.

Aquatic Informatics has just announced the release of the new AQUARIUS Forecast – modern software for advanced environmental modelling using time series data. Join us for the webinar to discover how you can benefit from AQUARIUS Forecast’s:

Friendly, Graphical Interface. The interactive graphical environment makes it easy to assemble models using a rich set of building blocks and analytical functions. Trend data is displayed in charts and grids to quickly visualize the results of models and forecasts, facilitating fast analysis and effective decisions.

Custom Modelling. The flexible SupaScript scripting language is used to fully configure simulations that embody specific operations and water resource systems. AQUARIUS Forecast provides greater flexibility than other packages with a Model Library of “transparent” elements. Complex models can be built efficiently by using and adapting Library elements, saving them as new custom elements.

Simpler Workflows. A simple click runs models for full defined periods. Any errors are identified in a clickable list, making them easy to find and fix. Simpler workflows make it easier to build sophisticated models, so users can gain higher confidence in their simulations.

Flexible Timing & Forecasting. A model time step can be specified from any fixed interval down to a resolution of 1 second, enabling more timely and precise forecasting. For real-time operations, a relative-time notation can be used to define the model start and finish times as an offset from the time at which the model is run.

AQUARIUS Time-Series Integration. AQUARIUS Forecast is a powerful solution that integrates seamlessly with the entire AQUARIUS suite. Real-time data acquired by AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA and corrected in AQUARIUS Time-Series can be processed in AQUARIUS Forecast to generate timely forecasts. Models can write simulated or predicted data to the AQUARIUS Server, enabling model outputs to be viewed and processed using AQUARIUS analytical, reporting, and web publishing tools.

Enterprise Class. AQUARIUS Forecast has been carefully designed and tested to run safely within automated 24×7 operations, like the Malaysia ‘Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel,’ the longest multi-purpose tunnel in the world designed to both reduce traffic and solve the problem of flash floods in Kuala Lumpur. Since 2012, the SMART Stormwater Control Center has used AQUARIUS for processing, storing, and building simulations of environmental data. During severe flooding, the motorway tunnel is cleared of vehicles and used to drain stormwater away from the city.

Join us on Tuesday to learn how AQUARIUS Forecast can help you improve water accounting with water resource modelling, optimize operational decisions using simulations, and gain a time advantage with flood forecasting. Discover proven practices for efficiently producing hydrological models, simulations, and forecasts – register today!

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