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Environmental Business Journal Awards & Trends

Aquatic Informatics recently won the EBJ Business Achievement Award for Information Technology.

Besides enjoying the warm weather last week in San Diego at the Environmental Industry Summit XIII, I had the great honour of accepting an EBJ Business Achievement Award for Information Technology. The award recognized Aquatic Informatics for our rapid growth in 2014 and our outstanding technology innovation, including the launch of two new products last year AQUARIUS Forecast and AQUARIUS WebPortal.

In addition to nudging elbows with the biggest players in the environmental industry, I found it invigorating to learn the latest industry trends from EBI President Grant Ferrier.

Environmental industry growth has far outpaced USA GDP growth for 13 of the past 15 years!

This growth is expected to be fueled by strong US economic growth and a strong real-estate market with growing property values that drive development, transactions, speculation, infill, and brownfields. This is all good news for Aquatic Informatics, our partners, and customers.

Our global “environmental instrumentation & information systems” market is estimated at close to $14 billion, representing 6% annual growth (according to 2014 EBJ Report 616).

At the conference, Grant Ferrier predicted that spending on environmental projects in the US and China will be strong looking ahead. He also shared the results from the EBJ 2015 Snapshot Survey, which asked respondents to predict the impact of various manifestations of climate stress on our economy and society over the next 50 years. “Loss of water supply / quality” was rated as having the biggest or a big impact by 78% of participants, ahead of “more server weather / storms” (58%) and “sea-level rise: flooding cities / islands” (50%), and “drought / lack of rain & snow” (49%).

Water is going to be a central global issue this century, and we’ll continue to innovate and work with customers and partners to solve the most complex water challenges.

At the conference, it was also a pleasure to watch AQUARIUS Certified Integrator Riverside Technology win the 2014 EBJ Water Project Merit Award for their work with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) on the design, execution, and implementation of a reporting system based on AQUARIUS Time-Series. Congratulations Riverside Technology & MWRA!

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