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AQUARIUS 3.1 Released – Maps & Much More!

AQUARIUS 3.1 was released last week on Valentine’s Day, and we are keen to tell you all about it and help you take advantage of what it offers.  Everyone here at Aquatic Informatics cares about the success of our customers, so the Valentine’s theme is perfect timing.  Indeed, we think you’ll love the new system.

AQUARIUS 3.1 delivers the most intuitive user experience yet, with a new map view, enhanced data importing features, extended support for externally stored time series data, and much more.

The new version includes all of the accumulated improvements and features from version 3.0 as well as several new exciting features highlighted below:

  • New Map View in Springboard. In addition to layout enhancements, AQUARIUS Springboard is featuring a new intuitive map interface for browsing and selecting locations. Different base maps and map layers can be configured from ARCGis Online, Bing Maps, and local map servers.
  • Location Manager Improvements. Creating and managing datasets in the location manager is easier and requires fewer steps. In addition, the Analysis and Remarks tab is much improved with new ways to categorize and summarize entries.
  • ADCP Cross Section Import in Field Visit Tool. The Field Visit Tool now supports importing Cross Section Survey data from WinRiver II ASCII files, or by entering the data manually.
  • Time Series Added to Generic Data Provider Framework. The Generic Data Provider framework now supports externally stored Time Series.  Rich integration with the AQUARIUS Server enables Time Series to be accessed with AQUARIUS tools, without being stored in the database. All data processing steps are saved in AQUARIUS, which displays the derived data, while the original data remains stored externally.
  • Acquisition API & Publish API Enhancements. The Acquisition and Publish APIs have been enhanced to allow Rating Curves and Field Visits to be queried more efficiently.
  • French Language Support – AQUARIUS en Français! AQUARIUS 3.1 peut maintenant fonctionner en français. Vous pouvez sélectionner la langue au moment de l’installation, ou vous pouvez le changer avec l’Assistant AQUARIUS. AQUARIUS ne nécessite pas un système d’exploitation français.

Further details about all of the new features in AQUARIUS 3.1 are highlighted on our popular AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal.  We encourage you to visit this active online community, where you can download the latest version of AQUARIUS, exchange information with other users, and keep up to date on developments.   If you are a water resource manager who is new to AQUARIUS and would like to learn more about the system, we would be delighted to give you a demonstration using your own data.  Please contact us at

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