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AQUARIUS 3.9 and Enhanced Reporting

This week, I’m delighted to announce the release of AQUARIUS Time-Series 3.9, which features a wide array of water monitoring industry report templates and an enhanced reporting engine for customized reporting.

The new report templates offer flexibility to build and save an unlimited number of customized reports, enabling users to quickly and efficiently derive environmental intelligence from their vast water, meteorological, and other environmental data sets. Flexible time specifications allow for relative dates and times to be defined for the period of data to be processed. Data pre-processing prior to reporting (including aggregates, maximums, minimums, intensities, and more) provide significant analytical capabilities. Configurable report elements such as headers, footers, and logos controlled through global settings enable personalized design and branding.   With increased processing options, more flexible layout options and better design, the new reporting tools in AQUARIUS are a great advance.

I invite customers to take advantage of these enhancements by upgrading to the new version via the AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal online community.  Customers can download the latest version of AQUARIUS, exchange information with other users, and keep up to date on developments. If you are a water resource manager who is new to AQUARIUS and would like to learn more about the system, we would be delighted to give you a demonstration.  Please contact us at

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